UGH YOU GUYS. I am so stoked to have a new pair of glasses finally! ESPECIALLY because they were F-R-E-E! Lately I’ve been sweating bullets because I only have one pair of contacts left and I’m worried something scary might happen… like the time my contact popped out during a sexy romp and it got lost in the sheets (true story)! I was so scared I was going to have to do a Cyclops walk of shame with one blind eye! Anyway, luckily I now have these backup spectacles just in case something like that happens again. Coastal had this crazy promotion last week where you could get a FREE PAIR OF GLASSES and only have to pay shipping!!! At first I was suspicious and figured we’d all get hoodwinked and they would end up being mini glasses like the ones seen on this priest bear:


But I was wrong! The promotion was FOR REAL and my super cute spex just came in! Luckily for the rest of you poor-visioned folks, they are bringing it back on Thursday, Nov 18! Just make sure you have your prescription and get the code here! PLE ENJOY