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A Special Thanks

Marilyn as a Pilgrim

Happy Thanxgiving my boos! FIRST OF ALL, I need Marilyn’s outfit in that picture HALLOW!! Everyday I am thankful for: chips and salsa, John Stamos, pizza, Dexter, Tokyo, knee socks, Mr. Shankly, peter pan collars, 80′s movies, bespectacled men, “Wild Women Do”, Swedish people, having perfect bangs, gin, Jameson, Grey Goose, room service, Prince’s frankenflops, cleavage, avocados, starry skies, familia, boos, when people accidentally fart while laughing, and especially YOU for reading my blog! Hope you all are having a very happy day. And good luck tomorrow if you decide to fucks with Black Friday. OH HALES.

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Mad Crushin’ On Yelle

Mad Crushin' on Yelle

French-electropop goddess Yelle, aka Julie Budet, along with band members GrandMarnier and Tepr, blew up the scene several years ago with the high-energy, fuck you anthem, “Je Veux Te Voir,” a song that was undoubtedly on many Myspace profiles back then, mine included. It was a post-breakup musical antidote, a modern-day “I Will Survive” but with way more bite and even more sass. Followed by the release of the debut album Pop Up in 2007, many of us became infatuated with Yelle’s talent and outrageous style. Her outfit choices matched her songs: colorful, loud and all-around fun. After seeing Yelle perform at the Echoplex a couple weeks ago and being blown away by her mesmerizing stage presence, I had to get the lowdown on her second album and fly fashion sense.


+ We are all enjoying your new song “La Musique” but can’t wait for more! I know you are working on your new album now. Is there anything you can tell us about it, like the vibe and when we can expect it to be released?

Thanks a lot! The album release is early March 2011, and a new single mid-January. The album is produced by GrandMarnier, Tepr, and Siriusmo, who gave a hand on three songs. More melodies, more deepness but still dance and fun! We are really proud of all the songs and the fact that they are all different from each other – we are from that compilation culture – but the album is still consistent.

+ Who do you dream of collaborating with someday?

Mmm, hard to say. I’d love to do something crazy someday, like with a giant gay men’s chorus featuring 50 cent!


+ Your current musical crush?

In 2010, I had a crush on White Rabbits, and Miike Snow.

+ Your music, style and attitude embody modern day GIRL POWER! Who are some female role models who have inspired you?

I grew up with singers like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Lio etc.. I spend a lot of time singing in my bedroom in front of mirror trying to dress me with used tights!

+ Do you collect anything?

Not really, I like to find old items in vintage stores… I was collecting stamps when I was 10 but that’s all. I have lots of shoes but I am not in that collecting mood actually.


+ Who designs your amazing outfits?

Jean-Paul Lespagnard, Jean-Charles De Castelbajac, Brian Lichtenberg…

+ And lastly, five things you are currently obsessed with?

* Working on my voice, the new show, my fitness!
* The “Chagrin d’amour” album
* Checking several times if the door is closed, scary…
* We’re back from the US, I have to stop thinking about fries, fried chicken and hamburgers!
* Finding a new pair of shoes!

Check out more of Yelle on her site, Twitter, Itunes and Facebook!

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Angel: Honor Student By Day, Hooker By Night


I have been obsessed with posters of the 80′s B-movie series Angel…about a girl who spends her days as a high school student, and moonlights as a hooker on the boulevard. I KNOW! Don’t give me that side eye….

Angel has a rough life. Her pepaw jammed when she was a kid and her mom is she has to make that scrilla on the streets. When a psycho starts killing off her hooker friends, Angel hides a gun in a box of fried chicken and gets all Crayvenger. There is a scene of her running after the killer while wearing heels that I swear lasts ten minutes. I really need these posters adorning my walls. Why am I so obsessed?


angel iii the final chapter starmaker vhs front

I could only find this pic of Angel III: The Final Chapter so I’m bummed there isn’t one for the third movie like the posters above. The role of Angel is played by three different actresses in each film. Mitzi Kapture (WHAT A NAME!) is in the last film. Why did that name sound so familiar to me? She co-starred with Rob Estes in my favorite 90′s sexy Miami crime drama, Silk Stalkings. Sigh. I know I am probably the only one who watched that show.




I’m excited because it’s beret season




The shining star in Angel is Susan Tyrell as a tough-talkin’ lesbian. Stay tuned for a post solely dedicated to the femme-phenom that is Susan Tyrell.


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Shutup Four Eyes


UGH YOU GUYS. I am so stoked to have a new pair of glasses finally! ESPECIALLY because they were F-R-E-E! Lately I’ve been sweating bullets because I only have one pair of contacts left and I’m worried something scary might happen… like the time my contact popped out during a sexy romp and it got lost in the sheets (true story)! I was so scared I was going to have to do a Cyclops walk of shame with one blind eye! Anyway, luckily I now have these backup spectacles just in case something like that happens again. Coastal had this crazy promotion last week where you could get a FREE PAIR OF GLASSES and only have to pay shipping!!! At first I was suspicious and figured we’d all get hoodwinked and they would end up being mini glasses like the ones seen on this priest bear:


But I was wrong! The promotion was FOR REAL and my super cute spex just came in! Luckily for the rest of you poor-visioned folks, they are bringing it back on Thursday, Nov 18! Just make sure you have your prescription and get the code here! PLE ENJOY

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The Winner Of Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience

Halloween 2010

Congrats to KARLITO for his “El Viejo Peludo” patch because I definitely would wear a patch that has the face of a manboy with chops on it. I also have a soft spot for wolf children since my Italian genes weren’t so kind to me growing up and Jason Candelaria would kick my legs under my desk in the fourth grade because “they were hairy.” Enough about me, I shall see you SATURDAY. Look out for me in some beige slacks, a camel toe, and a charming smirk if you’re lucky. (SB: pictured above is me in Shaun’s steak costume just because.)

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Pictures To Scotch-Tape To Your Locker

Madonna Inn by Robyn 2010

All by the amazing gingergoddess of my life, Robyn Von Swank.

Madonna Inn by Robyn 2010


Madonna Inn by Robyn 2010

Madonna by Robyn

Madonna Inn by Robyn 2010



Madonna by Robyn


Madonna Inn by Robyn 2010


Madonna Inn by Robyn 2010


Madonna by Robyn


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