beverly hills what a thrill

HEY REMEMBER ME? It’s Marie, the shy and quiet ethnic girl sitting behind you in blog class. I know it’s been awhile (two weeks aka six months in internet years) since we’ve passed notes about our crushes, but I’m back and EXTREMELY pleased to introduce the month of October aka Ragetober aka Marielloween aka Spooks Awareness Month! Say good riddance to the most horrid time of our lives known as September 2010 where your #1 Boo had to to deal with being super sick for three weeks along with some other sexy thangs resulting in the winter of her wit. I was on antibiotics galore, even on the old school jam known as penicillin. (OMG VINTAGE!) I’m totally better now physically and spiritually so we can resume our heavy petting. This is the best month ever because it is my birthday and Halloween! So be prepared to be totally grossed out soon enough! I LUV EWE!