OMG VINTAGE!! It’s true! I started a lil’ vintage shop all up on here! It was something I have been working on for awhile as a fun side project but I was trying to figure out whether to use etsy, ebay, or just sell them out of my trunk, but I decided to try out big cartel instead. Anyhoo, you guys know how much I love me some vintage. I feel like we should all wear more of it and I want to help spread its gloriousness. There are tons of vintage stores online but a lot of them are ridiculously overpriced to which I say F U. Everything will always be priced below $25 on Gold Hearted Snakes.


Check out my store GOLD HEARTED SNAKES and let me know whatchew think! Here’s Paula Abdul’s video for “Cold-Hearted Snake” to solidify your suspicions of that being a Paula pun and just because I like to watch it as much as I can for the rest of my life…HELLO IT’S TIMELESS.


(Sidenote, for my next video I’m just going to say OMG VINTAGE over and over so you can actually hear how I say it in my head every time I write it. We have to do these things to make our relationship stronger you know.)