cropped photobooth

During the later parts of summer I get into this weird codependent mood with my friends where we turn into siamese twins and never want to leave each others’ side. Do any of you get this way? Ever year at this time my desires to practice the religion of Laterian and parade down the streets with my hoodrat army are in full effect.

outfit 2

Reyna gave me this dress the other day because we were going out on the town to do said hoodrat thangs but I was dressed too casual (babydoll & boots). She opened her closet to me (sounds sexual), which holds a vintage dress collection that can rival my idol Elsa’s. Obviously this one was PERFECT for me! I went from Angela Chase to Anna Karina in the blink of an eye! Aaand she let me keep it! How sweet. THANKS REYUMI!!!


Here’s some random pictures of food from other times because hoodrats need to eat.

FU short rib grilled cheese from Joan’s on Third

bebe cupcake
F U teeny cupcake from Milk

I shall BRB with more blogging. Totally been neglecting my lil’ internet sanctuary over here because I’m too busy living the hoodrat life. You can blame the girls from the previous post.

PS. Call me if you want to live a life of hedonism and decadence.

In the name of Laterian,