I first met Alex Koons of Lexicondon when we were both photoboothin’ at a TILT show. Not too long after, I saw this dreamwave dreamboat set the stage on fire while performing makeout-ready tracks from Lexicondon’s upcoming album, Pink + Blue. Once I heard the sweet lyrics and sexy synths of the song “Set Sail,” I knew I had to interview this gent for Dear Menz! Let’s see what he had to say…

+ What is something that women do that is an automatic boner killer?

I would have to say when a Christina tells me they used to be a Christopher. That kills the the boner…most of the time.

+ Is there a way one can resurrect The Boner?

Yeah, the idea of burying it in a tomb for 3 days usually works.

+ Three people you would want to play a good old-fashioned game of Spin the Bottle with?

Lisa Bonet
Nicki Minaj
Soleil Moon Frye (Dressed as Punky)

Alex Koons

+ Is it true that menz love crazy bitches?  If so, what level of cray is too cray?

I can’t speak for all menz but I think crazy can be fun, for a while at least. I believe in 7 shades of crazy, and I only date up to level 5. Seven being physical abuse, or putting their own hair in a birthday card and giving it to you after not talking for 4 months, true story. Good crazy is explained best by Ludacris when he said “we want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed.” (Editor’s note: WHY HALLOW THERE)

+ Are you a boobs or a booty man?

Booty all day.

+ What is it about a woman that immediately fogs up your sunglasses?

Her nose.

+ Marty Mcfly lent you the keys to the DeLorean and you go back to the 90’s. What female MC are you gonna get freaky with?

Hands down Lil’ Kim.

+ What five songs would you put on your ultimate Hump Mix?

Blink 182-  Whats my age again
Moby- Porcelain
Third Eye Blind- God of Wine
112- Anywhere
The Grouch- Simple Man

+ Any last words of advice?

The only advice I have right now is to grab our album August 24th, it has a lot of songs you can practice making babies to.


MUCHAS GRACIAS Alex for being our latest Dear Menz informant and bringing the lawls! For more of Alex’s band Lexicondon, check out their Facebook and Twitter, and make sure to pick up Pink + Blue when it drops this Tuesday!

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