Mad Crushin' on GiGi Deluxe

The fabulously gorgeous GiGi Deluxe is a woman of many talents, with her creative leanings running the gamut from painting to millinery work and now to tattooing. On top of all that, she is a supermom to the cutest pair of twins ever. Since GiGi is also one of my most favorite ladies to talk to, I had to get the lowdown and find out what makes her the badass woman she is!

+ You paint, draw, model, design and make clothes and hats, are a craft goddess, a dj, and now a tattoo artist! Is there anything else you would like to learn how to do?

I’m training with another tattoo artist and a plastic surgeon to learn how to do permanent cosmetics, and later this year, I’m attending courses to learn about laser tattoo removal. I feel this will make me a more rounded and educated tattoo artist, and I will be able to offer any service a client may need. Be it to remove a tattoo that someone is no longer happy with, or to lighten and prep a tattoo for a cover up. I also want to work with alopecia and mastectomy patients that want to utilize cosmetic tattooing.

I think at this point I want to perfect my skills. It’s all about learning new things, raising the bar and being my absolute best at all the things I enjoy doing.


+ Where did you grow up? Did it have a huge effect on the creative force you are now?

I Was born in Puerto Rico, and moved to Chicago when I was four. We lived in Bridgeport , an all Irish neighbourhood on the southside of Chicago. So from the beginning, I felt like an outsider. I was always in my own world. This also explains my love for (almost) everything Whitetrash.

+ You have a strong love for horror and the grotesque, where did that originate from?

My mom and fun gay uncle used to take me to all the horror and Bruce Lee movies when I was a kid. Sunday’s were a $1 for a triple feature afternoon at the Rat-mova Theatre! (that was not a typo- but it was really called the Ramova)
It was cheaper to drag me along with them, then to pay for a babysitter. Early exposure to the genre had a huge influence on my artwork and my humor.

Mad Crushin' on GiGi

+ Who are some artists and designers you admire?

I love and adore the late great Alexander McQueen, vintage Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh and John Galliano. As far artists go, my peers and friends are constantly inspiring me. I’m extremely lucky to have such talented and creative people in my life.

+ If you could describe your style as the love child of any two people or things, who or what would they be?

Frida Kahlo would be my mom- and I couldn’t figure out who would be my Dad- so I asked my friend Szandora ( LaVey ) and she said Mick Jagger, because he was sexy as fuck and that I had to get my lips from somewhere! ha ha – I love that girl!

Mad Crushin' on GiGi Deluxe

+ What are your wardrobe staples?

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Tight black sweaters, snug black t-shirts, black platform heels and pencil skirts-these are must haves for me. Usually a corset, but at the moment I’m on the prowl for a few new ones..

+ Is there anything you collect?

I love re-ment Miniatures, and I used to collect ball-joint dolls, Blythe dolls, and Gene dolls but I don’t buy much anymore. I don’t feel the need to collect stuff the way that I used too, the happier I become that less I need.

+ Is there a particular decade in history you feel an affinity for? Why?

The 80’s. I was super lucky to have experienced that era first hand.

Mad Crushin' on GiGi Deluxe

+ Name your five current obsessions (music, books, film, food, anything!)

  • My twin 10 yr olds
  • Art, art and more art
  • Tattooing
  • Being goal-oriented
  • Law and Order (all of them)

+ What’s next on the menu for GiGi Deluxe?

Who knows, but that’s what makes life exciting isn’t it?

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