Sweet Valley Blingee

First of all, my apologies if any of you have been refreshing my blog fifty times in the last 24 hours waiting to see if I had posted the winner of the Sweet Valley Giveaway! I didn’t have my laptop with me most of the weekend 🙁 I also didn’t get to do a video of me picking the winner out of my NKOTB lunchbox like last time. Instead I turned to los random.org for help!


NUMBA 22 …Diana of Our City Lights!


I hope you don’t mind this artwork I made of you…I am quite fond of glittering gifs and hope you feel the same. Email me at marie@agentlover.com to claim your prize!

Thanks to all of you for participating in the giveaway and most of all for not being afraid to let your Sweet Valley High freak flags fly!!!