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I Want To Do Hoodrat Things With My Friends

cropped photobooth

During the later parts of summer I get into this weird codependent mood with my friends where we turn into siamese twins and never want to leave each others’ side. Do any of you get this way? Ever year at this time my desires to practice the religion of Laterian and parade down the streets with my hoodrat army are in full effect.

outfit 2

Reyna gave me this dress the other day because we were going out on the town to do said hoodrat thangs but I was dressed too casual (babydoll & boots). She opened her closet to me (sounds sexual), which holds a vintage dress collection that can rival my idol Elsa’s. Obviously this one was PERFECT for me! I went from Angela Chase to Anna Karina in the blink of an eye! Aaand she let me keep it! How sweet. THANKS REYUMI!!!


Here’s some random pictures of food from other times because hoodrats need to eat.

FU short rib grilled cheese from Joan’s on Third

bebe cupcake
F U teeny cupcake from Milk

I shall BRB with more blogging. Totally been neglecting my lil’ internet sanctuary over here because I’m too busy living the hoodrat life. You can blame the girls from the previous post.

PS. Call me if you want to live a life of hedonism and decadence.

In the name of Laterian,

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Bad Girls Style Icons: Switchblade Sisters


The other day Netflix finally sent me Switchblade Sisters (aka The Jezebels), an exploitation movie from 1975 that Reyna has been telling me to watch for months. It’s about all-girl gang, the Dagger Debs, who terrorize anyone that gets in the way of them and their male counterparts, The Silver Daggers.

Switchblade Sisters

Switchblade Sisters

Switchblade Sisters

The Daggers Debs are led by Lace, which was an interesting casting choice in Robbie Lee, because her squeaky,Frenchie-from-Grease-voice usually makes for a quirky sidekick and not a feared gang leader. The actress unsurprisingly went on to do voice work for Rainbow Brite cartoons. She still be a scurry BADASS BROAD though.

Switchblade Sisters

The gang gets into a brawl with new-girl-on-turf Maggie, who ends up being a badass chola of her own and knocks Lace’s right hand woman ‘Patch’ on her booty with some sort of chic lasso whip. Lace sees this and develops a girlcrush on Maggie so she brings her into the gang and the two start a beautiful homance. But love makes people do crazy things, and even a strong independent gang leader like Lace can get insecure when a new hottie starts hanging around. Soon after welcoming Maggie as a fellow sista, Lace becomes suspicious of Maggie’s intentions with her papi chulo Dominique, leader of the Silver Daggers.

Switchblade Sisters

Switchblade Sisters

As you and I both know, cholitas are some of the most hopeless romantic people out there, so who can blame Lace for acting like a paranoid cray? And Maggie was actually a down ass ruca and didn’t try to take Lace’s mang. Dominique was the double-timing dique! Lots of cray things start to happen but I won’t spoil it for you so you can watch for yourself.

Switchblade Sisters

SO NOW.. let’s talk about these homegirls’ STYLE.

Switchblade Sisters

All black everything. Denim and leather. Giant belts, Daisy Dukes and thigh high boots. Decorated motorcycle jackets, skinny black pants tucked into stompers, satin bomber jackets which is an item that I have wanted in my closet for many years… I remember Betsey Johnson made one a few years ago that I still think about but never had! I will totally settle for one that has 1985 map of the Philippines on the back though.

Switchblade Sisters

Doesn’t this scene look like the one in The Runaways where Dakota was bleeding down her leg? I need a screencap to compare!

Switchblade Sisters

Switchblade Sisters

Trying to figure out what is wrapped around Lace’s Princess Leia hairmuffs here. BTW this movie totally came out before Star Wars.

Switchblade Sisters

Now Patch is the JEALOUZ instigator of the crew and is the one who starts drama when Maggie comes along. She lost her eye for the gang and sports a butterfly eyepatch. Since Switchblade Sisters is one of Tarantino’s fave movies, he was obviously influenced by Patch for Daryl Hannah’s character in Kill Bill. I remember my mom had some of these quinceañera wicker chairs when I was a kid and one day I got so mad I flipped all of them over. BABY HULK!

Switchblade Sisters

Switchblade Sisters

Later on the gang pulls a name change and becomes THE JEZEBELS.

Switchblade Sisters

Other favorite scenes of mine include a crazy brawl in a juvenile detention center and a roller rink shootout! If you had a girl gang what would you call it? Mine would be called The Fringed Femmes and we’d all have black hair and bangs of course!!

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Winner Of Fred Flare Teen Agent Giveaway!


ARE YOU READY??? Because it is finally time to announce the winner of the Fred Flare Teen Agent Giveaway! I had so much fun doing this I’m kinda sad it’s all over! WAAAH! It’s funny…when Keith wrote this SUPER SWEET post about me, it stirred my memory of a time many blog years ago when I first started Agent Lover. I was a big fan of the Fred Flare blog and had actually written to Keith about their ad space! Who could have known the Universe would bring FF and AL together years later? Those crazy blog gods got tricks up dem sleeves!

And now for the moment we’ve been waiting for! Watch this CUHRAZY video to see who the lucky Girl Detective is!

AWW YEAH!! Congrats on your prize boo! And lots of love to all of you!

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Dear Menz With Special Guest Alex Koons


I first met Alex Koons of Lexicondon when we were both photoboothin’ at a TILT show. Not too long after, I saw this dreamwave dreamboat set the stage on fire while performing makeout-ready tracks from Lexicondon’s upcoming album, Pink + Blue. Once I heard the sweet lyrics and sexy synths of the song “Set Sail,” I knew I had to interview this gent for Dear Menz! Let’s see what he had to say…

+ What is something that women do that is an automatic boner killer?

I would have to say when a Christina tells me they used to be a Christopher. That kills the the boner…most of the time.

+ Is there a way one can resurrect The Boner?

Yeah, the idea of burying it in a tomb for 3 days usually works.

+ Three people you would want to play a good old-fashioned game of Spin the Bottle with?

Lisa Bonet
Nicki Minaj
Soleil Moon Frye (Dressed as Punky)

Alex Koons

+ Is it true that menz love crazy bitches?  If so, what level of cray is too cray?

I can’t speak for all menz but I think crazy can be fun, for a while at least. I believe in 7 shades of crazy, and I only date up to level 5. Seven being physical abuse, or putting their own hair in a birthday card and giving it to you after not talking for 4 months, true story. Good crazy is explained best by Ludacris when he said “we want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed.” (Editor’s note: WHY HALLOW THERE)

+ Are you a boobs or a booty man?

Booty all day.

+ What is it about a woman that immediately fogs up your sunglasses?

Her nose.

+ Marty Mcfly lent you the keys to the DeLorean and you go back to the 90′s. What female MC are you gonna get freaky with?

Hands down Lil’ Kim.

+ What five songs would you put on your ultimate Hump Mix?

Blink 182-  Whats my age again
Moby- Porcelain
Third Eye Blind- God of Wine
112- Anywhere
The Grouch- Simple Man

+ Any last words of advice?

The only advice I have right now is to grab our album August 24th, it has a lot of songs you can practice making babies to.


MUCHAS GRACIAS Alex for being our latest Dear Menz informant and bringing the lawls! For more of Alex’s band Lexicondon, check out their Facebook and Twitter, and make sure to pick up Pink + Blue when it drops this Tuesday!

For previous Dear Menz special guests, lurk here.

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What I Wore & Fred Flare Giveaway Update


First thangs first, we are extending the Fred Flare Teen Agent Giveaway an extra day! The deadline to enter will be at the end of Friday, August 20th at midnight and the winner will be announced this weekend. So spread the word or if you’ve been ignoring me all week and have only seen this now (YOU ASSHOLE! JK)… then get up on it boo!

Secondly, I wanted to talk about what I wore in the video since I didn’t get to do a proper Dress Obsessed post that day. Fred Flare was sweet enough to send me a few cute goodies to wear such as the Special Engagement Blouse in red which you can sort of see here.



I wore it with a purple skirt and red heels and felt like a lady GOING TO CHURCH/elite member of The Red Hat Society. I will have to wear it again so you can get the full experience.


In this ~library scene~ you have a good shot of the Bouquet Headband, as well as the Bridget sunglasses, which is actually one of the prizes that are included in the gift pack! YOU FITTNA’ LOOK GORJUSS.


The camera is the CMYK Holga which I don’t think is available anymore but the Diana version of it is! So cute!


And I’m in love with this really cute Brass Knuckles Skeleton Key Ring that you can get in either gold or silver…

Picture 44

Lots of LOVE to Keith at Fred Flare for dressing me up in your love!

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Everybody Loves A Lover

OOH GURL. My blog’s pheromones must be STRONG this week with all these interviews! Excuse my beauty! JK. Aside from the previously mentioned Mayoress interview, I had the pleasure of being interrogated by three of my favorite ladybloggers!


First up, I told the lovely Fajr from Stylish Thought all about the 90′s movies that have always influenced my style….


Then I spilled to Sarah Von of Yes and Yes about my dream of being Janet Jackson as a kid…


And last but not least, had a gossip sesh with fellow pinay, Pam of Polish Police about nuthin’ but nail polish (DREAM COME TRUE!)  Please take a lil’ lurq if you feel so inclined!


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Mad Crushin’ On GiGi Deluxe

Mad Crushin' on GiGi Deluxe

The fabulously gorgeous GiGi Deluxe is a woman of many talents, with her creative leanings running the gamut from painting to millinery work and now to tattooing. On top of all that, she is a supermom to the cutest pair of twins ever. Since GiGi is also one of my most favorite ladies to talk to, I had to get the lowdown and find out what makes her the badass woman she is!

+ You paint, draw, model, design and make clothes and hats, are a craft goddess, a dj, and now a tattoo artist! Is there anything else you would like to learn how to do?

I’m training with another tattoo artist and a plastic surgeon to learn how to do permanent cosmetics, and later this year, I’m attending courses to learn about laser tattoo removal. I feel this will make me a more rounded and educated tattoo artist, and I will be able to offer any service a client may need. Be it to remove a tattoo that someone is no longer happy with, or to lighten and prep a tattoo for a cover up. I also want to work with alopecia and mastectomy patients that want to utilize cosmetic tattooing.

I think at this point I want to perfect my skills. It’s all about learning new things, raising the bar and being my absolute best at all the things I enjoy doing.


+ Where did you grow up? Did it have a huge effect on the creative force you are now?

I Was born in Puerto Rico, and moved to Chicago when I was four. We lived in Bridgeport , an all Irish neighbourhood on the southside of Chicago. So from the beginning, I felt like an outsider. I was always in my own world. This also explains my love for (almost) everything Whitetrash.

+ You have a strong love for horror and the grotesque, where did that originate from?

My mom and fun gay uncle used to take me to all the horror and Bruce Lee movies when I was a kid. Sunday’s were a $1 for a triple feature afternoon at the Rat-mova Theatre! (that was not a typo- but it was really called the Ramova)
It was cheaper to drag me along with them, then to pay for a babysitter. Early exposure to the genre had a huge influence on my artwork and my humor.

Mad Crushin' on GiGi

+ Who are some artists and designers you admire?

I love and adore the late great Alexander McQueen, vintage Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh and John Galliano. As far artists go, my peers and friends are constantly inspiring me. I’m extremely lucky to have such talented and creative people in my life.

+ If you could describe your style as the love child of any two people or things, who or what would they be?

Frida Kahlo would be my mom- and I couldn’t figure out who would be my Dad- so I asked my friend Szandora ( LaVey ) and she said Mick Jagger, because he was sexy as fuck and that I had to get my lips from somewhere! ha ha – I love that girl!

Mad Crushin' on GiGi Deluxe

+ What are your wardrobe staples?

Shoes, shoes and more shoes. Tight black sweaters, snug black t-shirts, black platform heels and pencil skirts-these are must haves for me. Usually a corset, but at the moment I’m on the prowl for a few new ones..

+ Is there anything you collect?

I love re-ment Miniatures, and I used to collect ball-joint dolls, Blythe dolls, and Gene dolls but I don’t buy much anymore. I don’t feel the need to collect stuff the way that I used too, the happier I become that less I need.

+ Is there a particular decade in history you feel an affinity for? Why?

The 80′s. I was super lucky to have experienced that era first hand.

Mad Crushin' on GiGi Deluxe

+ Name your five current obsessions (music, books, film, food, anything!)

  • My twin 10 yr olds
  • Art, art and more art
  • Tattooing
  • Being goal-oriented
  • Law and Order (all of them)

+ What’s next on the menu for GiGi Deluxe?

Who knows, but that’s what makes life exciting isn’t it?

You can also follow GiGi on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook!

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Fred Flare Teen Agent Giveaway

As you can see in my super spy video above, I have paired up with Fred Flare to bring you a giveaway celebrating their Teen Agent series! BTW, If you haven’t read about the mystery unfolding with Fred Flare’s girl detective Lucie yet, creep on over and check it out, comment…get obsessed with it ASAP! But first, leave a comment below and you will be entered to win this amazing GIRL DETECTIVE STARTER PACK!!!

AL and FF Girl Detective Starter Pack

The prize includes all of the following items that will stylishly help you get your NANCY DREW ON:

1. Nancy Drew handbook, 2. Diana F+ camera kit, 3. secret locket ring, 4. Laffy Taffy Nail polish, 5. Bridget sunglasses, 6. double breasted Barcelona coat, 7. windsor floral tights, 8. lipstick ball point pen!!!

EDIT: If you tweet about this giveaway or blog about it, let me know and I will give you an additional chance to win!

As of 8/21: Contest is now closed! Winner will be announced soon. Thank you all for entering!

Good luck my boo boos!

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Mayoress Loves Agent Lover


Click here to read the fun lil’ interview I did on Mayoress with the terrific ladyboo known as Community College. Mayoress is one of my new top favorite lurks btw so check it out. I talk about my latest obsessions and who would play me in the movie of my life (not Jack Black in a bangs wig unfortch.) I wanna make you a glittering gif, CC! We have a blogmance going on.

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My Fair Ladies


I love the county fairs of the summertime. Everything about them is so vulgar: the fried candy bars, the deathtrap carnival rides, the people!!! It’s also like walking around inside an overpriced 99 cent store. But it’s gluttony at its finest and you’d be a fool not to partake in this guilty pleasure once in a while.


It’s only natural


I didn’t get a funnel cake because I spent all of my money on Virgin Mary and airbrushed keychains.


Shoe decorating contest…who could be the next great shoe designer of our time? I will have nightmares about this for weeks.


Kind of regret not getting a portrait done of myself by this guy.


My beef with the fair is the lack of gems in their prize stash. Only three years ago I got a beautiful framed portrait of Poetic Justice‘s leading stars, Tupak Shakur and Janet Miss Jackson IF YOUR NASTY. Why must you be updated in pop culture now? Why not keep the prizes outdated and slightly offensive and amazing?! At the AGENT LOVER FAIR, we’d have plenty of Selenas, Dizzy Devil, and Joey Lawrence framed photos for everybody!! I settled for teen dream Zac Efron because the Rob Pat one looked too greasy.


Plus I like how he is giving a lil’ pledge of allegiance underneath his shirt. This is now in the backseat of my car next to some copies of Lucky Magazine in case you find yourself back there and in need of a hunk.



Carnival ride paintings are really an unappreciated form of art.


Is it really ?


I was beyond excited to have captured this moment in action. This woman was airbrushing a tank top that said “Kinky” with what appeared to be the head of a turtle underneath (!!!) and “105 years.” WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!


Again, it’s only natural.


Smile now, cry later.


ps. Are you going to the fair? Will you vomit? Eat funnel cake? Get pygmy goat dook on your boot?

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