That’s right my boos! THE RUMORS ARE TRUE! I just got a makeover!!! IT’S A FRESH NEW LOOK UP IN HERE! If my blog could walk, she’d have bedroom eyes, a lil’ swivel in her hips, sex hair and rouge on her cheeks!

Now let’s tawk about the new features in our little clubhouse…

  • Six sexy new headers that rotate every time you clear your browser’s cookies!
  • Category/Best of sidebar icons (with more to come)
  • More crazy videos to come (preview below)
  • New paperdoll (with bangs) to come!
  • Some plugins that I’m personally excited about like THREADED COMMENTS!

LOTS AND LOTS OF LUVZ to JANKINS for these badass headers and to the one and only Star for doing some major coding witchcraft and designing my hot new look! You are like the Cher to my Tai and the Hector Elizondo to my hooker Julia Roberts!!!

Let me know what you guys think about the new site and also if you have a favorite header! I can’t decide myself!

And now, let’s kickoff this party…with a new video! PLE ENJOY…