Levis jacket, Betsey Johnson skirt, floral Doc Martens bewts


HAAAAYYYYY! I love all the feedback and retweets and general LUV you guys are giving me on the Bangs post. Some of you have been asking me to do that article for over a year. LONG TIME COMING, but I feel happy to have finally made your wish come true by spilling the secrets of my favorite accessory (besides cleavage or a hot man on my arm.)

ANYHOOT, this is just a lil’ outfit post from this week! SPEAKING OF DOCS, everyone’s been telling me about the Hello Kitty x Doc Martens collab. I actually wrote about them on Lipstick Diaries a couple months ago (via a tip from the lovely Ashe Mischief) pero at the time that was top secret info (big mouf strikes again woops) but now they are all over the internet. What do you guys think of these cutie patootie bewts??? I have about five other supercute designs in my mind so Sanrio & Doc Martens, hollaatchagurl if you need me to consult for another round.