The Witches of Eastwick was one of THEE BEST bruja-themed movies to have ever been made. The coven made up of Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon and CHER was the ultimate female power trio of the 80’s! Warning: I appear to have screencapped 220 stills of this film. GOOD LAWT! Based on a book, this movie is about three bffs which include Michelle Pfeiffer as some sort of octomom, a prude violinist played by Susan Sarandon and Cher as a tough, single momma. They all get together one night for martinis and Cheez Whiz to chat about their idea of the perfect mang, and Ol’ Jack Nicholson who is basically the debil himself appears and seduces all of them!



ooh la la

LOL IMAGINE GETTING SEDUCED BY THAT MY LIL’ PONY TAIL? I PROB WOULD. Anyways, let’s talk about the fashunz. It IS the 80’s. That is clearly no joke.

When will hair like this get into fashion again? I’m in the mood for a perm. JUST KIDDIN I WOULD NEVER! I do like those wild locks though.

I liked when SS’s character got a little swivel in her hip and ditched the mousey librarian threads for these little numbers.



She even rocks the current trend of socks n’ heels.

socks n heels




This b gets the shit end of the stick in this movie. That’s what you get for being so squaresville and sticking your nose in other people’s business!



I’m sure the first time you saw this scene it really messed with your head and stayed in there for the rest of your life. YOU’RE WELCOME!