1. I LOVE THIS DRESS! Sadly I don’t know what the hale it is. I think it’s a couple years old though. OMG VINTAGE! jk (let me know when you are tired of that joke because I am not)
2. Summertime equals SNOW CONES!
3.  I AM CRAZY ABOUT THIS BAG FROM LATICO LEATHERS AHHH!! I NEED IT! I will even do a purse dance for it, much like the rain dances the Native Americans do. Speaking of, when I was a baby Rie, I watched an episode of Reading Rainbow (SEE HOW ITS ALL CONNECTED?) about rain dances and did one outside and it worked! I swear! I swear by the moon and the stars in the sky! I think I told you guys that before but you prob need a refresher.
4. You’ve seen these Irregular Choice Chica shoes on here before but they deserve a second shoutout. Can’t wait for my bff to get them!
5. I adore this bow from Ban.do!! Saw it on Keiko Lynn and fell in lust. Reminds me of a clown bowtie! Oh man, remember back in the 2007’s when we couldn’t find bows anywhere? I had to make mine from clown bowties from the costume shop! Sometimes I miss the days when everything was harder. Das what she said. Sorry I can’t resist.