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Let’s Go Crazy


Helloooo boos! It’s just another picture of yours truly being ADORABLE!!!!



thrifted dress, Olsenboye bewts, my fave moto jacket

I found this floral babydoll during a thrift session last weekend. It had Hulk status shoulder pads but I took them out so let me know if you need to stuff your bra and I’ll put them in the mail for you STAT. These are the best kind of weekday dresses for me. Not too much revealing work cleave…comfy…casual. I also found this amazing black bomber jacket with a GOLD TIGER on the back. With rhinestone eyes! I’ll take a pic soon.


Mmmm…the weekend is nigh my friends. I have a lot of work to catch up on but some fun times are planned too. PURPLE FUCKING RAIN SCREENING AT THE CEMETERY FOR INSTANCE. AHHHH! I’m so excited! I’m ironing my assless chaps as we speak. I was thinking of wearing a purple coat to the show but I don’t want to be “too obvious” which makes no sense because as you may know, I like to dress in theme every chance I get.  Speaking of PRINCE, I still want this bag. Just wish it came in black too. Love 2 Love U. Whatcha got planned for the three-day weekend?


Your Little Red Corvette,

PS. My Itunes Prince play count from the past year: “Little Red Corvette” is currently at 158 plays. Mariachi El Bronx cover of “I Would Die 4 U” has 110 plays. OBSESSED

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Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo


Last month I went to the Vintage Fashion Expo they hold a few times a year in both LA and SF. I know..”LAST MONTH” SHE SAYS.  I’ve been a little behind on my blog life lately! Don’t hit me! Anyway, it was cool meeting some of the vendors and lurking their treasures. There were a lot of great pieces from vintage experts all around the country!


Donnaland, who is based out of Missouri, was one of my favorite vendors. They had tons of cute dresses,  jewelry and accessories that were right up my alley…especially this CLOWN SWEATER!





Smile now, cry later ashtray?!



Meow Vintage was another great booth I visited. There were tons of odd little brooches and hair accessories (My favorites!). Their HQ is located in Long Beach so I’m definitely going to plan a visit next time I’m down there.



One of my favorite things they had were these vintage nameplate necklaces. I adore this “Bunny” one!


You know I love me some vintage nurse dresses!


IF ONLY THESE LEATHER SHAWTS FIT ME! A bashful panda on a pair of leather shorts. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I would wear these on a safari. Or when I’m onstage singing with my new band Panda Panda and the Cult Jam.


It was a pleasure to meet Marty of Marty’s Vintage who also has an etsy shop! She had some amazing items like a vintage Bob Mackie, frilly Valley of the Dolls-esque dresses and retro swimsuits, which I kept an eye out for at the expo because of my recent research.



Love this color! This goes perfectly with cha cha heels, a martini and a baby grand piano (my future scenario.)


Froggy dress!


One thing I love about vintage fabric is the assortment of ~funky~ patterns. You know I want that Corn/Devil one down there.


Do any of you have vintage clothing expos in your town? For my Cali pals, make sure to check out the expo next time it comes around in the fall! Their calendar can be found here!

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Scorpion Queen


dress from Nordstrom rack, Betsey Johnson Pollys, Erin Fetherston X Target heart purse, Madame Satan’s School For Girls 666 Kitty necklace, heart and bow rings


This weekend I went to the annual Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum, the place where insect collectors and nature nerds meet!



As with tradition I sought out some creepy crawlies to cradle in my arms. First up a lil’ millipede!


I wanted to hold a big one (natural urge) like the African millipede but this one had to do. I like the hundreds of tiny legs and always automatically think of it wearing a mini high heel on each one. IMAGINE



Can you spot the arthropod known as the flamingus cheetous in the center?


ALRIGHT BRACE YOURSELVES. Here I am holding a scorpion which I have never done before. I must admit I was scared. Scared this asshole was going to raise its tail and attack and there was the end of me. Yet, after some convincing by Emi aka the Willard of Insects I wiped the sweat off my brow and held that mutha. I mean, I’ve held scarier things in my hand before.


This is my nervous smile.


Next time I’m sure I’ll have scorpion swagger just like my Asian sistas here. Maybe sport some live arachnid jewelry? Watchew think?


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Mad Crushin’ On Elsa Billgren


I fell in love with the amazing Elsa Billgren a few months ago when my bff Emi came across her blog on Elle Sweden. Need Help Dressing is filled with beautiful photos that peek into Elsa’s whimsical life in Stockholm with her friends. I love seeing the pictures she takes of delishis food and her FANTASTIC vintage dress obsession. Like yours truly, Elsa prefers dresses and skirts to pants. She has the best dress collection I have ever seen!!! There is something very special about the simplicity of Elsa’s blog and she is such a charming person to watch. Many props to Elle Sweden! I feel very happy and inspired whenever I read it (through Google Translate.) Elsa was kind enough to do a little Q&A with me so we can find out what inspires her.




If you could describe your style as the combination of any two people or things, who or what would they be?

Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

Elsa, you inspire me! Who are some people that inspire you?

Oh thanks! I get inspired by old movies, French cute girls, my mother and everything with a history.

If I came to visit your city, where would you take me for a fun day?

We would go to Tranan bar the first day of summer and have a glass of wine in the sun, then a walk around our boheme blocks for some vintage shopping and end the day with a party on my friends balcony!


What else do you collect besides vintage dresses?

I collect glass jars to keep stuff in for my kitchen, cute comments on my blog and old pictures of my mum from when she was young.

Do you have something you wear every day?

I always wear a dress and a nice pair of stockings.


What is in your purse right now?

You can always find a camera, a calendar and some make up in my purse. And usually some fruits as well.

What music are you currently listening to?

I listen to anything from Love to Lily Allen. Right now I’m repeating a Nina Simone record.


If you could have a tea party with any three people, living or dead, who would they be?

Oh, I would love to party with Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali! I believe the third person has to be Courtney Love.

What is your motto in life?

Live your life as if you are aloud to do whatever. Don’t think about treating yourself, just enjoy what comes your way.


Here’s Elsa modeling my mint green “Nikki” cake hat! How cute is she! Also a big congratulations to Elsa and her man on their recent wedding! Read more about Elsa at Need Help Dressing.



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I Hate Being Away From You


I KNOW. It’s been so long and so wrong since your blog eyes have lurked my blog’s thighs so I just wanted to say a quick “Yoo-hoo!” and post this erotic picture of Denise Huxtable from my Inspiration Folder. It’s one of those pictures that I want to keep in my wallet so I can pull it out anytime we need it. But I guess the current day equivalent to that is uploading it into my iPhone. NOT THE SAME! Anyway, knowing me I’ll start unloading some posts on you tomorrow, but cherish this quickie anyway. Time to watch some REAL HOUSEWIVES and go to sleep.

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