If you recall, last time when the Rodarte for Target line came out I tried on a bunch of the clothes and snapped shots in the dressing room to show you what they looked like in the real world. I wanted to do the same with the Zac Posen line so I scheduled my day accordingly. I woke up at 7am, ran a comb through my bangs and was ready to start my Sunday bright and early like I was fittin’ to go to CHURCH. Felt like Black Friday up in this mug. OPERATION ZAC POSEN WAS NOW IN SESSION.

The tiger print sailor dress was #1 on my list so grabbed that one right away. Because there was a pink slip attached underneath, it seriously took me at least three minutes to just GET IT READY to put on. I was twisting that shit around my limbs like I was playing chinese jump rope (REMEMBER THAT GAME!?) I’m sure we can attribute that ridiculousness to lack of sleep and general dressing room slapstick, but anyway I digress…I loved it! THANK GAWT.


Now to the tuxedo bodysuit and skirt. I had said I wasn’t going to get the bodysuit because I was afraid the crotch was going to snap back like a boomerang and hit me in the eye…but surprisingly the bodysuit was very comfortable! I ended up getting it, but not the skirt which was what I had actually planned to buy. I personally liked the pieces better separately than together. Something clashed. The skirt fit nicely but I was iffy about the design of the waist. I decided to ditch it for now.


The black sweater dress was another surprise purchase. It was on my to-try list but as a peripheral piece. It’s a nice LBD, clings to your curves and comfortable. Made my booty look noice. WATCHOUT.


BE STILL MY QUIVERING LOINS…the red leather jacket is AMAZING!! Once I had this sexy thang on I couldn’t bear to take it off and walked out of the dressing room still wearing it. Perhaps I was subconsciously hoping a generous sugar daddy/momma would say I looked totally bangin’ and buy it for me on the spot. At $200 it is the most expensive piece of the collection but it’s fucking fabulous. Super depressed I had to part with it. Perhaps I will write it love letters to deal with my longing.




Here is that beautiful floral brocade dress. My problem with it was the asymmetrical zipper. The placement of said zipper is great if I want to flash someone a hello from my right boob (Thelma) real quick, but in reality it wasn’t flattering for my cleavage. If the zipper was placed in the middle with a more complimenting cut for décolletage it would have won my corazon. Maybe best for my smaller-busted sistas.



Here is the print in the same style as the pleated tuxedo skirt. There is also my censored cleavage FYI. (DIDN’T WANT TO DISTRACT ANYONE… TOO MUCH)


Here is a blue sack dress that was cute to me in a weird way but isn’t my steez. Not into drawstrings and stuff like that. It’s just a personal preference. I think it gives me KIKWEAR flashbacks.



They didn’t have the red ruffle dress at my Target, but they did have the same design in a black and blue version. I thought it was really cool that Posen made this dress in a two-piece. You can choose to wear it as a LBD or attach the ruffles for a fancier look.

black solo



The pink and purple polka dot dress was pretty cute. Totally a fun spring day dress.


It’s always fun for a midge like me to try on any type of maxi or floor-length dress. They are so foreign to me! Here is the safety pin-printed gown. The train was totally fun.


I loved the color combination of this pink and lavender snap skirt. It reminds me of My Little Pony. I went back and forth with this one but ended up opting out for now.



The dark blue tape dress is a pretty fun piece.


I like the little window in the cleavage. Looks like my bewbs are caged in. LET THEM OUT!!!


And that concludes my Zac Posen X Target dressing room antics!!!! I felt like this was the girls locker room and you drilled a hole to look in at me changing. How 80’s!!!

What about any of you ladies? Get anything good? What did you think of the clothes in person?