studded jacket, MadeMe leggings, Target t-shirt, grey suede boots


MadeMe held a contest on Twitter asking who wrote the song “Do The Bartman” with the winner receiving a free t-shirt! My Simpsons fandom retired sometime in 1990, but during its heyday a cassette tape of The Simpsons Sing The Blues regularly occupied my boombox to the point of it turning into cassette spaghetti. I knew it was Michael Jackson who wrote it , so I double-checked myself before I wrecked my self with a little Goog, tweeted back and WON! I was thrilled and surprised when Erin sent over these floral pantalones instead since you know I loves to get my leggings swagger on.  I obviously did The Bartman to celebrate but these leggings are so comfy and sexy, I also had to PT to some “PYT.” DAS RIGHT BEW. Simpsons-related Sidebar: this was one of my favorite video games! WHO NEEDS CHEAT CODES?

Made Me is behind those floral printed leather jackets that make my fashion boner rise and weep at their beauty. Let’s have a lurk at them again, shall we?


SIGH. BEAUT!!! Thanks Erin!!