Question, menz. If I was your girlfriend, would you let me dress you? I mean, help you pick out your clothes before we go out? If so, I’d like for you to own this Frankenstein knit jacket from Sibling London. Now it might be chilly one night while we are out on the town, and I would need something to warm my cleavage (besides your hands.) You’d probably lend this to me, being the gentleman you are and all, right? Then…the next day you would receive a telegram or maybe even a third-party telegram TWEET (sidebar: do they have something like that? @TelegramTweets? IMAGINE) telling you your sweet Marie has unfortunately left the country…FOREVER. Yes, I left you for your Sibling London Scary Fairisle Handknit Jacket. I’m sorry in advance, but I was the Julia Roberts to your Kiefer Sutherland and your jacket was the alluring Jason Patric convincing me to run away with him. SAY WUT?! I swear if this was the late 80’s-early 90’s instead, this would be a gossip blog ’cause my Rainman-esque memory for the National Enquirer is OUTTA CONTROL! N-E-WAYZ…


Menswear designers Sibling London have come up with a horror-themed “knitmare” for their fourth collection and much to my squealing delight. Look how badass these pieces are. Menz why you gotsta have all the fun?


Another favorite is the Beware Hairy Hands sweater on the above left, a collaboration with artist Will Broome who has worked with Marc for Marc Jacobs and who also did a capsule collection for Topshop a couple of years ago. I love pixelated everything so I obviously approve of the Pixelated Frankenstein Crew on the above right.


They also updated their Noah skull Breton with a hoodie and darker colors.


Check out the cute pulp-style horror movie they did for the collection too!

Picture 6

Don’t forget, there’s the head-to-toe Fairilse knit with a mohawk and a mask. Would you make out with it? You know I would.

I just can’t help…