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    Aurel Schmidt’s Pussy

    This is just a quick little Dress Obsessed post for today, with an impromptu photoshoot! You know how we dew… I got this dress in Tokyo at a store called Drug Honey in Harajuku. Added a belt and of course some Betsey Johnson Pollys. A simple yet satisfying outfit… on a simple yet satisfying girl…what? …

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    Enrolling In Summer Camp

    ♥vintage coat from Emi, Target leggings, dollhouse heels, h&m skirt♥ Spring is the transition to summer from winter. Not too cold, not too hot. Iced coffee in the mornings, chai lattes at night. Heat lamps on bare legs, furry coats over cleavage and a scoop of ice cream in your hot chocolate. I am working …

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    Ello, May I Live In Your Closet?

    Christina Aguilera’s AMAZING SHOE CLOSET/LIBRARY!!!! AHHHHH!!! Sidebar, why am I on some crazy Christina Aguilera kick lately? Am I already waxing my nostalgic legs for the early 00’s? #1. I’ve been watching this for the past week. #2. Now I want to get dirrty. #3. Now I am excited about this COUNTDOWN. What’s happening to …

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    The Runaways Movie

    I’ve been waiting to see The Runaways movie since I love the band especially some of dat Joan Jett. Like many of us, I was apprehensive because of the casting choices: Kristen Stewart (BELLA) and Dakota Fanning. Honestly…I was mostly worried about Bella’s mullet. Weren’t you this whole time? Anyway, I actually liked the movie! …

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    DoThe Bartman

    ♥studded jacket, MadeMe leggings, Target t-shirt, grey suede boots♥ MadeMe held a contest on Twitter asking who wrote the song “Do The Bartman” with the winner receiving a free t-shirt! My Simpsons fandom retired sometime in 1990, but during its heyday a cassette tape of The Simpsons Sing The Blues regularly occupied my boombox to …