Can we talk about how I suddenly have an obsession for black tie-dye? ‘Cause I DEW SON. This $10 tee is so perfect in my life right now.

♥ Black Tie-dye t-shirt and belt from Target, H&M skirt, Forever 21 jacket, Dollhouse heels, rosary, hatchet necklace ♥

I’m extra Asian here. Must be dem lashes and smokey eyeshadow. Here’s an accessory closeup and my new sparkly blue OPI nail polish, which I hadn’t realize was part of that new Alice in Wonderland collection when I bought it…



me jewelz

This polish caught my eye because it reminded me of ~the starry sky~. Bad news though… I am OVER IT ALREADY. 🙁 And we can all blame the movie AVATAR!! UGH I know. I hate to even say that word on this blog but this is serious you guys. I am afraid to report Avatar may have ruined my love for cobalt blue. I didn’t realize it until I was listening to some Luda and staring at my nails resting on the steering wheel in traffic and my mind exclaimed, “OH NO GIRL THESE ARE NA’VI NAILS!!” First of all, let’s make things clear. I neither hated the movie or became Avatarded. I thought it was quite sexy actually. I’m just angry that this beautiful blue made me think of it almost automatically! And now I’ve ruined it for you so you’ll think of it anytime you see that blue!! AHHHH this cycle must stop!!! Since I am drinking from a glass half-full, I realized that this nail polish will be nice for future nailz did themes and will be fine “in small doses” to slowly erase the Avatar correlation from my memory. So we will be okay. I hope…