The higher the hair, the closer to heaven was never truer at the show for Jeremy Scott’s church-themed Fall 2010 collection. I LOVE THESE HAIRDOS!!! They reminded me that I have been lagging on the personal hair goal I made after writing the slutty Madonna post…a high ponytail with a braided wraparound. I recently acquired a *vintage* Montgomery Ward cone bra so I’m extra ready for some Blonde Ambition. But.. are YOU ready for this hairdew ladies? Can we bring back junior-high ponytails wound so tight it would make anybody look slightly Asian? We can even go crazy like I Dream of Jeannie and add our own little twist to it (NPI-NO PUN INTENDED) COME ON LADEEZ!



please warren


I also loved the intense eye makeup. A little Siouxsie-esque, no? Anyway, once you decide if you want to try this new ‘do with me you let me know. I have to warn you though.. I might already be on expert level by then and possessing a blackbelt in a ponytail magic.





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