Can you beweave it? It seemed like only yesterday we were celebrating our 200th blog anniversary with a toast and staring into each other’s blog eyes. I say anniversary because it’s kind of like every post is a sexy rendezvous between us two schweethearts. Every time you read my blog, it’s like we are holding hands. Perhaps even kissing WITH TONGUE on some posts. I’ve probably already “accidentally” given you a chola-style hickey. Maybe we’ll even put our hands in each others jeans pockets and walk down the school hallway sometime. Tricks on you! I don’t wear jeans, only skirts… COCHINO!

Anyway, let’s talk about our feelings. Or how about our future together….(don’t be afraid)

+ AgentLover.com is going to get an extreme makeover! Much like that Frankenstein Heidi, we will be going under a mass transformation. UNDER THE KNIFE! Don’t be scared. I’m sorry I used that scary monster as an example. Forget about her. Let’s go with the makeover from one of my favorite 80’s teen dream movies…She’s Out of Control. Pretend agentlover.com is like Ami Dolenz walking down the stairs in slow-mo,(6:00) with “Venus” by Frankie Avalon playing and you are Tony Danza. It’s gonna be GORG!

+ It’s time for Ask A Gay again! My main bakla Shaun is ready for any questions only a guardian gayngel could answer, so please submit! You can email them to me at marie[at]agentlover.com!

+ If we aren’t friends on Facebook yet, add me! And if you follow me on Twitter, holla at me! Let’s consummate our love EVERYWHERE.

Love 2 Love U! Have a Dirty Shirley tonight and drink to our love!