dress from a hoochie store, Doc Martens, Cloven Hoof necklace, Betsey Johnson present ring, Forever 21 pearl ring

How you dewin’ boos? Remember these pink flocked Docs I wanted last summer? I actually found them on the cheap ($80 compared to $120) back then but didn’t wear them right away because it was too hot, but now is thee perfect time to stomp around in these muthas. It’s not raining so they won’t get dirty and it’s too damn cold. Can I be real witchu for a mome? I’m sick of this cold weather and dressing like Judd Nelson’s character aka John Bender in The Breakfast Club. I know I sound like an asshole living in Socal complaining about the FREEZING 48 degree weather when some of you are like Eskimos in the snow but my island skin is not used to this temperature! (I also am aware I sound like an asshole with my “island skin” when I actually haven’t even BEEN to the Philippines YET…) Every morning when I wake up to go to work I just want to roll out of my bed in man jeans, a flannel, a denim jacket, a motorcycle jacket over it and extra large nostrils. The only difference is I have a plaid flannel dress and normal-sized nostrils (hopefully.) I still feel angry and rebellious though. I know a lot of you know how I feel because we are John Bender soulmates.


Anyway, I’m glad these pink bootz make me feel somewhat femme. It will have to do until I can dress like a woman again. Sigh. The John Bender feeling is so strong.

Here is some hot coco to warm us up. LUV U.