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    Beauty Style

    Black & Blue

    Can we talk about how I suddenly have an obsession for black tie-dye? ‘Cause I DEW SON. This $10 tee is so perfect in my life right now. ♥ Black Tie-dye t-shirt and belt from Target, H&M skirt, Forever 21 jacket, Dollhouse heels, rosary, hatchet necklace ♥ I’m extra Asian here. Must be dem lashes …

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    Beauty Style

    Extreme Ponytails at Jeremy Scott

    The higher the hair, the closer to heaven was never truer at the show for Jeremy Scott’s church-themed Fall 2010 collection. I LOVE THESE HAIRDOS!!! They reminded me that I have been lagging on the personal hair goal I made after writing the slutty Madonna post…a high ponytail with a braided wraparound. I recently acquired …

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    Alexa Chung For Madewell

    Alexa Chung presented the collaboration she did with Madewell the other day at the Bowery Hotel and I have to admit… I am enamored with it! In particular the belbet babydoll dresses ( velvet is pronounced with a b around here) with the Peter Pan collar!! I mean, obviously. HALLOW.. that is my SATANIC SCHOOLGIRL …

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    Music Style

    Agent Lover Loves You Volume II

    GREETINGS MY BEAUTS!! I hope all of you are filled with love and/or HORN on this special day of Saint Valentine’s! Because of my undying love and affection for you all I decided to make a new Valentine’s mix! This one is mostly sweet with a little bit of dirty…just like YOURS TRULY! Or is …

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    Wildfox’s Witches

    The new lookbook for Wildfox’s Fall 2010 collection is really charming! It’s about three “witches” and the photo above reminds me of a picture I have of myself sitting on my daybed reading my fave Young Adult witch series, Abracadabra. I wasn’t dressed any differently than these girls, except in my photo there was one …

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    Yes and Yes on Dolly Parton

    When the lovely Sarah Von from Yes and Yes asked if I was interested in doing a post swap, I was beyond flattered. I mean, swapping posts is pretty serious. It’s kind of like spitting on your palms and swearing an oath like two kids on a baseball field.  We are basically sisters now, Sarah.  …

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    Happy 300th Post!

    Can you beweave it? It seemed like only yesterday we were celebrating our 200th blog anniversary with a toast and staring into each other’s blog eyes. I say anniversary because it’s kind of like every post is a sexy rendezvous between us two schweethearts. Every time you read my blog, it’s like we are holding …