I know what you’re thinking. DOTH MINE EYES DECEIVE ME? Is this crazy B really take us back to a time when ball chain necklaces were our favorite accessory (ew) and Skeet Ulrich ruled our ladyboner!?? Put on your slips and Docs betches, ’cause youz about to get hit with a blast from the past! This mix (first for the year!) is all about female-fronted rock bands or chick singers, focusing on the mid to late nineties when precious Rie Rie was in high skoo. My style during this era was… a TASTE OF EVERYTHING! Much similar to now! GIMME A TASTE! Standouts included: black rubber bracelets, 69 baby clips , TOOTHBRUSH bracelets (DISGUST THAT BETTER NEVER COME BACK), plaid grandpa pants, slips (got sent home from school once) kid size thrift store tees, lunchboxes as purses (Should I show you guys my collection sometime?) while channeling slutty Drew Barrymore (best Drew B era), Fairuza Balk, Janeane in Reality Bites, a little bit of Clueless Cher, Shirley Manson, a dosage of Gwennabe and Ethan Embry in Empire Records. Yes I had his outfit. That was back in the day when I wore pants.

You guys, that was the best thrifting time of our lives.  Sorry to anyone that missed it.

Download: 90’s CHICK ROCK MEGAMIX!