In the early to mid 80’s, there were plenty of female performers with sass and sexiness. Debbie Harry quickly comes to mind, as well as Pat Benatar, Madonna and other obvious choices. But there were also girl groups who were hanging out on the other side of the tracks, singing about dirty things, and having meetings in the ladies room. These women had a different look, a sexier edge and a a lil’ ethnic flava. This was the Holy Trinity of Klymaxx, The Mary Jane Girls and Vanity 6 (and later Apollonia 6).


With Vanity 6, Prince wanted to form a girl group that wore lingerie and sang about sex. He discovered the gorgeous sexpot Denise Matthews who was renamed Vanity and formed Vanity 6, the number representing each of the members’ boobs. I like the urban legends of how Vanity’s name came to be. From Wikipedia: “Some versions of the name’s origin have Prince suggesting that Matthews use the stage name “Vagina” (pronounced “Vageena”), but she refused and renamed herself “Vanity” instead; other versions of the story suggest that it was Prince himself who coined the name “Vanity”, as he said that looking at Matthews was like looking in a mirror at the female version of himself.” Aiiiiii! Oh Prince always acting so cray. I hope that’s all true. Anyway, Vanity was HOT AS HELL, but sadly got heavily into drugs, boned Nikki Sixx and by the early 90’s, pulled a Bettie Page by become a BAC and and turned her back on her old cochina life. She’s now preaching the bible and making websites with dramatic openings.

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Vanity 6 – “Nasty Girl”


While Prince was handing out lace gloves to his Vanity 6 girls, Rick James was busy with his own girl group…The Mary Jane Girls. Each of the girls had a distinct look, including one who was like a female version of himself.

Mary Jane Girls – “All Night Long”


Now Klymaxx was very different from the other two girl groups. They were an actual band formed by themselves and not by a superstar male. But the most impressive? They played their own instruments! If this isn’t one of the most amazing videos you have seen in your life then…well you’re dead to me. JK I love you but please…TAKE A LOOK.

Klymaxx – “Meeting in the Ladies Room”

UGH I am so 80’s!! Are you sick of it/me yet?!? Sidebar: the inspiration for this post was from a moment at a party I went to recently. I was wearing this outfit and the menz said I looked like one of the Mary Jane Girls. Is it true? Can you see me in there serenading “All Night Long” to you? I mean I’d rather be singing “Sex Shooter” but I would love to have been a member of any of these lovely ladygroups. How boutchu? Do you have a favorite? Which group would you want to be in? Do you have lace gloves? Would you have sex with Prince?


vintage dress, Rodarte X Target tights, jacket I got for xmas, Cloven Hoof rosette

bitch ple


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