Top Ten Inspirational Celebrity Pictures From My Secret Folder

I’ve told you about this before, remember? My secret desktop folder where I keep my inspirational pictures? How can you forget?!? Since it is a brand new beautiful year, I felt it was good luck to crack open this pandora’s box and show you what I have hiding in there. I’m not scurred to show you my true feelings. I KNOW 2010 and beyond will bring enough awkward celebrity photos to fill my  inspirational folder to the brim!


1. Can’t tell you how many times I would stare at this photo in my phone. YES, I said it was in my phone so I could whip it out to show anybody at anytime. It might as well have been a penis pic.

I know what you're thinking

2. My #1 New Year’s Resolution is to recreate this picture. It’s gonna happen! This will continue to inspire me for the next year.


3.  I wish she would just go back to this look.

lady harry potta

4. Oh you crazy betch

oh you

5. Chantal Biya, I can’t.


6. I know this was just from New Year’s Eve but I can’t stop thinking about it.


7. Menz With Acrylics, not celebrities but I was obsessed

i cant deal

8. Winehouse Fake Frecklez

fake freckz

9. Maybe I’m just obsessed with stripper heels doing everyday things.

coco workout

10. :)



1 Sarah Von { 01.05.10 at 12:49 pm }

Oh, Dude. You rock. These are so much better than my inspirational photos. Mine usually involve bunnies. Or otters holding hands.

2 Mike Woodward { 01.05.10 at 1:54 pm }

I love it!

3 Mickay { 01.05.10 at 7:12 pm }

omg second to last – that booty is CRAZY!!!!

4 Rosie { 01.06.10 at 12:57 pm }

Coco is my ass-hero.
I heart her dramatically!

5 Katie { 01.06.10 at 5:26 pm }

Haha there is such thing as stilletto fitness here. Working out in stillettos it’s meant to give you the most amazing legs hahaha. Weight lifter TOO FUNNY


6 gea* { 01.06.10 at 9:15 pm }

the Coco one is my favorite

7 marie { 01.07.10 at 1:36 pm }

@Sarah Von – hahaha i like cute animals too! But they never make it into my inspiration folder…:(

@Mike – I love YOU!

@Micks – OH-KAY!!!

@Rosie – What is going on with that ass!?! It’s INSANE! I want to interview it someday.

@Katie- WOW!! Well it makes sense and I have heard that before about heels. Someone needs to take a class and report back!


8 Tiffany { 01.07.10 at 5:07 pm }

OH FYI, I agree about Mariah and JLo. That JLO pic is giving me the best fuel for the new year.

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