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90′s Chick Rock Mix


I know what you’re thinking. DOTH MINE EYES DECEIVE ME? Is this crazy B really take us back to a time when ball chain necklaces were our favorite accessory (ew) and Skeet Ulrich ruled our ladyboner!?? Put on your slips and Docs betches, ’cause youz about to get hit with a blast from the past! This mix (first for the year!) is all about female-fronted rock bands or chick singers, focusing on the mid to late nineties when precious Rie Rie was in high skoo. My style during this era was… a TASTE OF EVERYTHING! Much similar to now! GIMME A TASTE! Standouts included: black rubber bracelets, 69 baby clips , TOOTHBRUSH bracelets (DISGUST THAT BETTER NEVER COME BACK), plaid grandpa pants, slips (got sent home from school once) kid size thrift store tees, lunchboxes as purses (Should I show you guys my collection sometime?) while channeling slutty Drew Barrymore (best Drew B era), Fairuza Balk, Janeane in Reality Bites, a little bit of Clueless Cher, Shirley Manson, a dosage of Gwennabe and Ethan Embry in Empire Records. Yes I had his outfit. That was back in the day when I wore pants.

You guys, that was the best thrifting time of our lives.  Sorry to anyone that missed it.

Download: 90′s CHICK ROCK MEGAMIX!



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Obsess With Me – GHD Flat Iron

Remember that sexy one night stand you had? You met somebody who turned you on and turned you out like no other? Anyone that came before or after that night never stood a chance. You parted ways the next day, but they were always on your mind? Well, it happened to me too.


Yes, that’s right I’m talking about this GHD FLAT IRON!!!! I borrowed Leyla’s ghd hair straightener one night and FELL IN LOVE. Now my hair may be long, luxurious, Crystal Gayle status, but sadly it isn’t the same poker-straight Asian hair it used to be. I needed something good. Something different. Also, I am usually in a rush and finding a flat iron that gets all of my hair straightened in less than ten minutes is a dream! The ghd runs around $200+ bones so I don’t see my dream lover and I reuniting anytime in the near future. WAH! I will have to just keep yearning for its tender touch. And continue brushing my hair one thousand times each night. ghd, sweet prince! Won’t you gimme some love!!!!

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The Holy Trinity Of Nasty Girls

In the early to mid 80′s, there were plenty of female performers with sass and sexiness. Debbie Harry quickly comes to mind, as well as Pat Benatar, Madonna and other obvious choices. But there were also girl groups who were hanging out on the other side of the tracks, singing about dirty things, and having meetings in the ladies room. These women had a different look, a sexier edge and a a lil’ ethnic flava. This was the Holy Trinity of Klymaxx, The Mary Jane Girls and Vanity 6 (and later Apollonia 6).


With Vanity 6, Prince wanted to form a girl group that wore lingerie and sang about sex. He discovered the gorgeous sexpot Denise Matthews who was renamed Vanity and formed Vanity 6, the number representing each of the members’ boobs. I like the urban legends of how Vanity’s name came to be. From Wikipedia: “Some versions of the name’s origin have Prince suggesting that Matthews use the stage name “Vagina” (pronounced “Vageena”), but she refused and renamed herself “Vanity” instead; other versions of the story suggest that it was Prince himself who coined the name “Vanity”, as he said that looking at Matthews was like looking in a mirror at the female version of himself.” Aiiiiii! Oh Prince always acting so cray. I hope that’s all true. Anyway, Vanity was HOT AS HELL, but sadly got heavily into drugs, boned Nikki Sixx and by the early 90′s, pulled a Bettie Page by become a BAC and and turned her back on her old cochina life. She’s now preaching the bible and making websites with dramatic openings.

Watch Music Video – Vanity – Nasty Girl in Music |  View More Free Videos Online at

Vanity 6 – “Nasty Girl”


While Prince was handing out lace gloves to his Vanity 6 girls, Rick James was busy with his own girl group…The Mary Jane Girls. Each of the girls had a distinct look, including one who was like a female version of himself.

Mary Jane Girls – “All Night Long”


Now Klymaxx was very different from the other two girl groups. They were an actual band formed by themselves and not by a superstar male. But the most impressive? They played their own instruments! If this isn’t one of the most amazing videos you have seen in your life then…well you’re dead to me. JK I love you but please…TAKE A LOOK.

Klymaxx – “Meeting in the Ladies Room”

UGH I am so 80′s!! Are you sick of it/me yet?!? Sidebar: the inspiration for this post was from a moment at a party I went to recently. I was wearing this outfit and the menz said I looked like one of the Mary Jane Girls. Is it true? Can you see me in there serenading “All Night Long” to you? I mean I’d rather be singing “Sex Shooter” but I would love to have been a member of any of these lovely ladygroups. How boutchu? Do you have a favorite? Which group would you want to be in? Do you have lace gloves? Would you have sex with Prince?


vintage dress, Rodarte X Target tights, jacket I got for xmas, Cloven Hoof rosette

bitch ple


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Happy Birthday Cuchi Cuchi!

tres charos

It’s Charo’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Moquiere de les Esperades Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Najosa Rasten! Remember when she gave me a high-five? Hearts flyin’ outta my ojos! Love you Charo!


It’s only natural to reprise the video that is the cure to any bad day, that puts a lil’ pep in your step, and a lil’ cuchi cuchi in your coochie coochie. WHAT! I will NEVER get tired of watching this video over and over.

My future



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Nick Cave’s Soundsuits

nick cave soundsuit
Photo by James Prinze

This weekend I went to the opening of Nick Cave’s (not that juan) “Meet Me at The Center of the Earth” exhibit at UCLA’s Fowler Museum. The show featured “Soundsuits,” which are sculptures made up of layers and layers of different materials such as sequins, yarn, beads, buttons, porcelain, vintage clown toys and even neon-colored weaves! My friend Phillip described them perfectly as “Club Kid ritual outfits.” The raver kid deep inside of me wanted to give one of these things a BIG OL’ HUG. Some of these grandiose pieces are made to be worn and performed in, creating another element to the work with sounds and movement, referencing the artist’s days as an Alvin Ailey-trained dancer. Interestingly enough, the first Soundsuit, constructed out of twigs was made in 1992 as a response to the Rodney King riots. I wasn’t able to take any pictures at opening night myself but here are several of them to get an idea of how incredible his work is.

Nick_Cave photo by James_Prinz
Photo by James Prinze

sequined soundsuit nick cave

Nick_Cave photo by James_Prinz
Photo by James Prinze

Still, these photos don’t do the pieces justice. This is definitely something you have to see in person. Luckily the exhibit runs until May so there is plenty of time! Here are a couple of videos that show the artist at work and describing how the Soundsuits came to be.

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Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

My latest musical obsession is Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros! I think they are my “new Beirut” meaning I have forced all of my friends to listen to it this week. Is that really Alex Ebert from IMA Robot? The sweet song “Home” dueted by Alex and bandmate/gf Jade Castrinos is what pulled me in at first, but when I heard that the beginning of the video for “Desert Song” shows actual footage of Alex’s father in the desert and holding him as a baby while chanting, serving as the jumpoff to a 12-part film Jodorowsky-feel of a film called Salvo!, I knew this was my shit. Let me know if it’s yours too.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – “Home”

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I Wanna Be Evil

Our SSFG theme song by one of the most incredible woman in history! Eartha Kitt!


ek meow


And a SSFG outfit…


old dress from Forever 21, bootz from the chola store, Target nude tights, F21 headband

Does this outfit look familiar? Oldie but goodie!


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My New Year’s Eve In Pictures












Hope yours was just as fun!!! Cheers to a brand new year and DECADEnce!

Forever 21 jacket and dress + Betsey Johnson Pollys, Lipstick hat made for me by Emi ♥

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Top Ten Inspirational Celebrity Pictures From My Secret Folder

I’ve told you about this before, remember? My secret desktop folder where I keep my inspirational pictures? How can you forget?!? Since it is a brand new beautiful year, I felt it was good luck to crack open this pandora’s box and show you what I have hiding in there. I’m not scurred to show you my true feelings. I KNOW 2010 and beyond will bring enough awkward celebrity photos to fill my  inspirational folder to the brim!


1. Can’t tell you how many times I would stare at this photo in my phone. YES, I said it was in my phone so I could whip it out to show anybody at anytime. It might as well have been a penis pic.

I know what you're thinking

2. My #1 New Year’s Resolution is to recreate this picture. It’s gonna happen! This will continue to inspire me for the next year.


3.  I wish she would just go back to this look.

lady harry potta

4. Oh you crazy betch

oh you

5. Chantal Biya, I can’t.


6. I know this was just from New Year’s Eve but I can’t stop thinking about it.


7. Menz With Acrylics, not celebrities but I was obsessed

i cant deal

8. Winehouse Fake Frecklez

fake freckz

9. Maybe I’m just obsessed with stripper heels doing everyday things.

coco workout

10. :)


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Top Ten Things I Forgot To Blog About In 2009


HAPPY 2010 SEXIES! I pondered long and hard (HELLO) about how I wanted to wrap up ’09. I was initially going to do a year-in-review like I’ve done the past two years, but decided that idea was a snoozefest. It’s all about mixing thangs up for the Oh Ten chu know. Next I decided to give you a mix of my top ten songs of the year! ZZZzzzZZ… ::handjob motion::… everyone was doing that! So THEN I thought, let me flip that idea and get real serious, look you straight in the eye and give you a mix of my own personal, private, top songs from the year!! (Even if they weren’t necessarily songs from 2009.) But I was getting so emotional bb and I didn’t want to subject you to “Little Red Corvette” yet again. SIGH. Finally, I put on my thinking bow and came up with a couple of lists I thought I should share witchu. This first post is (yes this is a two-parter)…


1. TOKYO DELETED SCENE – That crazy first night in Tokyo running around with new friends Jun and Shaula, two of the sweetest and funnest gals/models I’ve ever met. We started the night off at a club where Jun Takahashi built a GRACE doll live while Bounty Hunter’s Hikaru spun punk. It was then followed by some wild goose chase/club-hopping. We spent just enough time at a sleazy Roppongi club to have a total teen movie moment where I stepped out of the restroom and right into an MJ Thriller dance battle. All I needed was Usher Raymond and Freddie Prinze Jr. to make their cameos and join in on the dance floor. At that time, the King of Pop was newly deceased and my dancing chanclas were ready to pay tribute whenever and wherever. After leaving Roppongi and a couple of other failed clubbing attempts, we ended up at Le Baron where I THEN battled a queen decked out in baby blue lederhosen who had Verbal from Terikyaki Boyz in tow. Sadly, Baby Blue Lederhosen beat me in our danceoff since I could not match his upside down crab walk dance and I had to wave my white flag in surrender. WHY I OUGHTA. As the club was closing, we planned to go to a hidden ramen shop but walked outside to shockingly discover it was 5am and we had missed the last call for delishis noodles! Time did not exist on that trip! Do I even have to say it? I miss TOKYOOOO!

first night in tokyo

Hikaru from Bounty Hunter

Undercover Grace Doll

with jun

2. MY 29th BIRTHDAY! In October I decided to forego a usual LA bar birthday party in exchange for…an SF bar birthday party! We went to Kozy Kar, a bar decorated in a 70′s theme, where I charmed my way out of the crowd and into a waterbed, celebrating life with my favorite San Fran boos including my wifey Star and my middlename twin Mary Van Note. I always have such a great time up north! Loving you AND missing you guys so much!



I also hung out with Rory from Awesome All Day! He really is awesome! I do got one beef witchu Rory, why didn’t we get into any illegalish escapades together? That better have been a warm-up SON!

rory with the girls

When I came back I celebrated with my LA crew who showered me with chips and salsa and lots of love and prezzies! Ya spoil me bos, ya spoil me! My friend Kiana painted me on top of a unicorn!

kiana and me and painting of ME!

lol jon

3. STAYMOIST MUG! Also at my LA b-day dinner, Melissa and Levon presented me with Thee John Stamos Mug! It says “HAVE MERCY!” on the back. Obviously the mug needed its own entry on this list. Here it is pictured with a bowl of traditional Filipino sotanghon. If only my lips could grace the REAL Stamos’ sexy mug! SOMEDAY MY WILD STALLION, SOMEDAY….

hallow babee

4. THE MUTANT ORACLE – For my birthday in SF Star got me an X-men tarot card reading by none other than the fabulous Storm! Being an X-men fan I have to say this was by far one of the best presents I have ever received! First of all, it was the most thorough and accurate tarot reading I have experienced, no joke (aside from the non-English speaking lady in Puerto Vallarta ten years ago that freaked me out)! I also pulled a Triple Jean Grey goddess which Storm said was the first time that had ever occurred! DAS RIGHT BAYBEE! If you are in San Francisco, I highly recommending getting your cards read by him!


“I cutchu mang!”


5. DISNEYLAND! – We went to Disneyland earlier in the year to celebrate my boo Emi’s b-day which was a blast!

kimora and ming lee

Mickey Waffles!~

6. THE NEW MOON PREMIERE – How could I have forgotten to blog about our annual ritual of popsicle-mask making for the Twilight series?? Of course I had to make new ones for New Moon. Poor Jacob and his tiny head. I didn’t have time to find a better picture. BTW, like my ~Edward~ shirt?





7. KID SISTER X MOVING UNITS – A couple of weeks ago I went to the Kid Sister X Moving Units show. I didn’t realize it was a ‘battle of the bands’ type of situation until we got there. I hadn’t heard Moving Units since the Club Bang days of 2005 so I wasn’t sure what to expect! The performers faced each other on two dueling stages, doing interpretations of each others’ songs as well as different versions of their own. Such a fun night!


Kid Sister

8. IFB DRESS UP IN NYC! I can’t believe I never posted about this! WHATTA PUTA! I was driving from upstate NY to Brooklyn that same day and wasn’t able to make the soiree until it was pretty late. I was bummed but I’m glad I was able to meet up with some of the gals!

Me and Yoshi!

yoshi and me

Gilda, Wendy Brandes, Jennine and me!

9. R.I.P. TAI - My personal tribute to Brittany Murphy. Her death really affected me! She said the line we like to say whenever there is mangs Tai accent: “If I’m too good for him, how come I’m not with him??”

tai on the couch

After Clueless, I followed her trail and remember watching this MTV Diary episode where she was talking about her favorite lip balm which was Dr. Pepper flavor. Being a chapstick addict, of course I had to try it immediately…and it became my favorite lip balm for many years afterward. I always liked Ashton and her as a couple and would constantly watch Just Married. It bummed me out when they broke up. Why was I so obsessed with them? They always looked like they were having a good trucker hat-wearing, Dr. Pepper chapstick-hijinkies kinda time, that’s why. So so sad. When I found out she passed away I went to Target and bought a Dr. Pepper lip balm in her honor.




There you have it, my deleted scenes of 2009! Sorry I couldn’t include the telenovelas and the x-rated episodes but a girl has to keep SOME of her mystery. What ended up on your 2009 cutting room floor?

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