If you know me in person or even follow my obsessions closely, then you are aware of the specific rotation of dvds I watch as part of my life’s movie-watching regime. Valley Girl, Clueless (yes we’ll get to her soon) and TEEN WITCH are on the top of that list. Consider them my cinematic vitamins or something I turn to on the regular, especially before I drift off to slumber…much like a lullaby. Needless to say,  I take anything related to Teen Witch very very seriously. The story of LUHWEEZE and MADAME SERENA is not something you can lightly fuck with. So on that note, what do you guys think of this “Top That” salute for Rachel Antonoff’s Spring 2010 line?

I say CLEVER promo gurlfren. OK. Sigh. It is done pretty well. Especially with the presence of Natasha Leggaro and those other two battling in the background. Fucking killing me with those fresh moves. I am only rolling my eyes because (I’M JEALOUZ) we never filmed our own “Top That” homages…but then again sometimes things are so sacred they shouldn’t be for the entire internet to see…Also they better still not be doing that dirty filthy remake with Ashley Tisdale. You will find me chained to the gates protesting that shit. If you missed my in-depth look at Teen Witch, please lurk it here. I think I need to get this movie for a couple of people’s stockings. Gonna dive headfirst into the Walmart dvd bins later.

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