Photo by Jon Dragonette

If you grew up in the 80’s, chances are you watched Jim Henson’s musical puppet show, Fraggle Rock. Dr. Romanelli did a collaboration with Fraggle Rock which includes sweaters and t-shirts as well as a cute interactive website where you can hear the Fraggle Rock theme song remixed by peeps such as Mike Posner and DJ Skeet Skeet. A couple of weeks ago I went to the DRx X Fraggle Rock launch party at Kitson to support my friend Nathan Cabrera who is the talented designer behind DRx. I was even able to get an exclusive interview with a FRAGGLE.


photo by Jon Dragonette

photo by Jon Dragonette

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Adorable little Doozers inhabited the windows of Kitson …

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Uh oh….

what the is going on here

Special guest of the evening, Red, came all the way from Fraggle Rock to celebrate the launch with us and she was kind enough to answer some of my VERY difficult questions…

+ Hi! I’m Marie nice to meet you!

Hi Marie!!

+ So what do you like to wear every day? Is it the same thing?

I pretty much like to wear a red shirt most of the time.

+ If you could wear anything else what would it be?

I think some of these shirts here look pretty fun. I would love to wear one of these. Do they make them in my size?

+ Haha yes! I think they make them in your size for sure! Is your favorite color Red?

Ummmm.. YES!

+ Hahaha good answer!

Yes I gotta admit, it’s red you know.

+ Do you have a favorite fashion designer?

Ooh gosh…Well…there was a designer in Fraggle Rock but you probably haven’t heard of her so I need to learn more about the silly creature designers.

+ Sounds good…mystery is good.

::Red laughs (at me)::

+ Do you have any favorite places you like to go on vacation??

Ooooh well I like to go to the Crystal Cavern and uh, let’s see well I always like to hang around the Fraggle Pond but I still need to explore more of outer space to find out what you silly creatures like to do around here.

+ What do you like to do over at your favorite spots?

I like to swim and run around fast and I like to jump off cliffs into the water aaand I like to play rock hockey and play tug a tails!!

+ Do you like to dance?

YES!! You silly creatures have some wonderful music at this party I cant stop my feet moving.

(Red starts to dance)

+ What other things do you like to do besides dance?

Ummmm More dancing!! Watch my feet, here they go! Wooo hooo hoo hooo! Dance Dance Dance!

+ Hahahah!! I’ll dance with you! Thanks for interviewing with me!

Thanks for coming by! I’m glad you had a fun time at our party! Woo hoo!!


What the HALE kind of life do we live?!? Thank gawt ‘lil Rojo Fraggle was camery shy. I couldn’t stop laughing! Just imagine THIS going right in front of you! How am I aka “Gigglez” supposed to keep a straight face when that’s going on!?

Here’s my outfit!

What I Wore

+Forever 21 leopard coat and beret, Target gloves, pink lace tights, boots from hoochie store, black skirt and top.+


Sidebar, I just found out that thee Kellie Martin of Life Goes On but more importantly Death of a Cheerleader was there too! I could have asked her for tips on recreating my favorite Lifetime Movie cover. Let’s just see it again for old times’ sake/good luck. YES! #1!


After encountering strange humans and scary monsters at Kitson, some of the Doozers said bon voyage to LA to work in the windows of the Colette boutique in Paris where Cassette Playa X Fraggle Rock clothing and merchandise will be launching tomorrow! Ooh la la!

Check it out: http://www.drdoozer.com/