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Gingerbread House Party!

tiny hat

Welcome to my final XXXmas post so we can be OVER with all these holidaze crayness! How’d you guys do? I was really excited to make my very first GINGERBREAD HOUSE! I’ve never done it before. Is that usually a white people thing? Anyway, I was so excited and had big plans to make a Madonna Inn gingerbread castle!

Tons of supplies and ingredients were purchased at the good ol’ 99!

supplies and ingredients

We made sure to have a spread of delicious snacks so nobody was tempted to eat the house ingredients…that didn’t work.


Phallic candies! Should be called Peckerooms!


Then we all got to work…

Sticky fingers and graham cracker crumbs resulted in some really cute houses!


gingerbread village

Can you already see which one is mine? I was a bit overambitious with my MADONNA INN tribute that I had to take a breather to do some stretches and came back to find no graham crackers left! My Madonna Inn was looking like a shack, but I ended up turning it into The Love Palace. It is “very Marie” dontcha think?

Everyone did such an amazing job and they all looked so different!






We also had a little ornament workshop area!

ornament workshop



dark nails hovering over the love palace

I’m really into dark nails right now which is unusual for me yet typical for the wintery season. You know I love to go neon pink year round! But dark burgundy/blackish nails with a bold glitter is what I’m really into right now. And you? How’s your nail game right now?

What I wore to our little shindig…

candy girl

+Mode Merr candy dress, fave red and white heels, mini top hat from Harajuku+

candy dress




Did you make any badass gingerbread houses? Show me! I gotta improve my gingerbread game before next Xmas so I betta start training this summer!

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Christmas Is Creepy


I was writing my Gingerbread House Party post when I came across these old photos from the long gone Santa’s Village theme parks in California (that I would see the commercial for on television all the time but never got to go to. :( Why mom and dad, why?! MEAN

santa's village

First I found this set of photos quite endearing and cute!

santa's village

Doll shop

Then I pulled out my magnifying glass (which I keep in arm’s reach ’cause you just never know what you may stumble upon) and found some frightening things in these pictures..FOR INSTANCE:


GAH!! Ugh so weird!

And look at this, how sweet!


But then look at this photo! That bunny’s evil glare…



And I love clowns but this picture is pretty creepy, even for me!

oh god no

Look at that cray bitch hating in the back! This looks like it could have some sort of Lifetime movie plot…The Scandal at Santa’s Village.


“Don’t be shy, come inside and throw your keys inside the bowl on the table”


There’s that bunny again. Ugh. Look at him sitting on that pole, having a grand ol’ time. What the F is this place?? A place I wish to go…that’s what.


I’m so mad we don’t have this kind of amusement park anymore.


No comment below.


Here’s the commercial I was talking about. This would play on television so often, I had it memorized. It’s been YEARS since I’ve seen this and watching it felt like I went back in time. I still know the words!

Did any of you California kids ever go to Santa’s Village? What was it like? PS. I HATECHU FYI

Edit: I just got my magnifying glass out again and found at least three more creepy things! How bout you? Take out your monocle and look closely at this shit like an issue of Highlights and tell me “what’s wrong!”

Source: alamedainfo

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Red Lips Sink Ships


Best XXXmas present ever. The Cigarette/Lips Hat of my dreams!! Looks like my own lips are on top of my head! Thank you Headmistress! I love you!!! Still can’t believe you fucking made this for me yabetch!!!

And thank you Kristin for showing me the picture that inspired it so long ago! <3


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Girls, What’s My Weakness?

I was lucky to see a lot of really good shows this year…Futurecop!, Thunderheist, Julian Plenti, Neon Indian, Julian Casablancas, Kid Sister, DANZIG, Morrissey…to name a few, but can any of those compare to who I saw during this holiday weekend?!? THEE SALT N’ PEPA?!?

salt n pepa

salt n pepa

Seeing Salt N’ Pepa AND Spinderella perform “Let’s Talk About Sex”, “Push It”, “Shoop” and “Whatta Man” was a dream come true. And along with old-skoolers like Rodney O, and Candyman, Domino and a surprise performance by Skee-Lo (below in Ed Hardy m’lord)?! It was clearly too much for my senses. I felt like I was in my own seventh-grade hoodrat dream sequence.  Is this really happening? What made it even better was I got tickets for about $10! I love KDAY!

skee lo

It got me thinking about who else I would want to see. KP & Envyi, GHOST TOWN DJs, SWV, EN VOGUE, everyone from all the mixes I have made this year basically. The list can go on and on…

Ladies night!

ladies <3

Here’s what I wore…

+Forever 21 jacket and sequined bra, American Apparel skirt, leggings with lace on side, suede booties with gold pyramid studs, Fred Flare gold glasses, heart doorknockers, unicorn necklace from third grade, Mom’s vintage 80′s purse with vintage minx tail, white rabbit foot, ring and bracelets from NYC street vendors+

outfit for salt n paprika




purse and bra detail

purse detail

OMG at this hair but I feel you on the quinceañera ring game ladies, thank you for inspiring me all these years…

thank u for inspiring me through the years

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“Top That” Tribute

If you know me in person or even follow my obsessions closely, then you are aware of the specific rotation of dvds I watch as part of my life’s movie-watching regime. Valley Girl, Clueless (yes we’ll get to her soon) and TEEN WITCH are on the top of that list. Consider them my cinematic vitamins or something I turn to on the regular, especially before I drift off to slumber…much like a lullaby. Needless to say,  I take anything related to Teen Witch very very seriously. The story of LUHWEEZE and MADAME SERENA is not something you can lightly fuck with. So on that note, what do you guys think of this “Top That” salute for Rachel Antonoff’s Spring 2010 line?

I say CLEVER promo gurlfren. OK. Sigh. It is done pretty well. Especially with the presence of Natasha Leggaro and those other two battling in the background. Fucking killing me with those fresh moves. I am only rolling my eyes because (I’M JEALOUZ) we never filmed our own “Top That” homages…but then again sometimes things are so sacred they shouldn’t be for the entire internet to see…Also they better still not be doing that dirty filthy remake with Ashley Tisdale. You will find me chained to the gates protesting that shit. If you missed my in-depth look at Teen Witch, please lurk it here. I think I need to get this movie for a couple of people’s stockings. Gonna dive headfirst into the Walmart dvd bins later.

your morning paper

Stay funky,

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Dr. Romanelli X Fraggle Rock

Photo by Jon Dragonette

If you grew up in the 80′s, chances are you watched Jim Henson’s musical puppet show, Fraggle Rock. Dr. Romanelli did a collaboration with Fraggle Rock which includes sweaters and t-shirts as well as a cute interactive website where you can hear the Fraggle Rock theme song remixed by peeps such as Mike Posner and DJ Skeet Skeet. A couple of weeks ago I went to the DRx X Fraggle Rock launch party at Kitson to support my friend Nathan Cabrera who is the talented designer behind DRx. I was even able to get an exclusive interview with a FRAGGLE.


photo by Jon Dragonette

photo by Jon Dragonette

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Adorable little Doozers inhabited the windows of Kitson …

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Dr Romanelli X Fraggle Rock Opening

Uh oh….

what the is going on here

Special guest of the evening, Red, came all the way from Fraggle Rock to celebrate the launch with us and she was kind enough to answer some of my VERY difficult questions…

+ Hi! I’m Marie nice to meet you!

Hi Marie!!

+ So what do you like to wear every day? Is it the same thing?

I pretty much like to wear a red shirt most of the time.

+ If you could wear anything else what would it be?

I think some of these shirts here look pretty fun. I would love to wear one of these. Do they make them in my size?

+ Haha yes! I think they make them in your size for sure! Is your favorite color Red?

Ummmm.. YES!

+ Hahaha good answer!

Yes I gotta admit, it’s red you know.

+ Do you have a favorite fashion designer?

Ooh gosh…Well…there was a designer in Fraggle Rock but you probably haven’t heard of her so I need to learn more about the silly creature designers.

+ Sounds good…mystery is good.

::Red laughs (at me)::

+ Do you have any favorite places you like to go on vacation??

Ooooh well I like to go to the Crystal Cavern and uh, let’s see well I always like to hang around the Fraggle Pond but I still need to explore more of outer space to find out what you silly creatures like to do around here.

+ What do you like to do over at your favorite spots?

I like to swim and run around fast and I like to jump off cliffs into the water aaand I like to play rock hockey and play tug a tails!!

+ Do you like to dance?

YES!! You silly creatures have some wonderful music at this party I cant stop my feet moving.

(Red starts to dance)

+ What other things do you like to do besides dance?

Ummmm More dancing!! Watch my feet, here they go! Wooo hooo hoo hooo! Dance Dance Dance!

+ Hahahah!! I’ll dance with you! Thanks for interviewing with me!

Thanks for coming by! I’m glad you had a fun time at our party! Woo hoo!!


What the HALE kind of life do we live?!? Thank gawt ‘lil Rojo Fraggle was camery shy. I couldn’t stop laughing! Just imagine THIS going right in front of you! How am I aka “Gigglez” supposed to keep a straight face when that’s going on!?

Here’s my outfit!

What I Wore

+Forever 21 leopard coat and beret, Target gloves, pink lace tights, boots from hoochie store, black skirt and top.+


Sidebar, I just found out that thee Kellie Martin of Life Goes On but more importantly Death of a Cheerleader was there too! I could have asked her for tips on recreating my favorite Lifetime Movie cover. Let’s just see it again for old times’ sake/good luck. YES! #1!


After encountering strange humans and scary monsters at Kitson, some of the Doozers said bon voyage to LA to work in the windows of the Colette boutique in Paris where Cassette Playa X Fraggle Rock clothing and merchandise will be launching tomorrow! Ooh la la!

Check it out:

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In The Dressing Room With Rodarte For Target


Last night I got a text from my friend Melissa saying her Target store released Rodarte early so first thing this morning, I called my local store and found out they did as well! I threw on my busted boots, rouged my cheeks and sped on over. Since I am Dress Obsessed, those are the items I focused on and didn’t pay much attention to the skirts and tops. I think the overdose of tulle between those items was too much for me. Anyway, I want to point out that I was pretty impressed by this Rodarte collab overall and can say that this is probably the strongest collection Target has done with a designer in a long time. If you have a giant boner for Rodarte I think you will be VERY pleased. Everything I tried on looked great in person and was made well. In the promo video they mentioned Harold and Maude, Bonnie and Clyde, and Rosemary’s Baby as the inspirations for this collection…but what about Kelly Bundy and Mad Love starring Drew Barrymore in her prime?! Cause that’s what I was feelin’ but that’s probably just me again ’cause you know how I dew…relating everything to the 80′s and 90′s. Yeah right! I am probably just reading into their subconscious…


First, the tulle/lingerie dress, which comes in black, nude and mustard. The nude-colored one looked hideous with my skin tone making me camouflage into my own flesh like She-Wolf Shakira. When I sent the pic of the nude-colored one to my Headmistress of Satan’s School for Girls aka my Guardian Devil aka my Style Icon of Life for advice, she responded “Lillith Fair.” CASE CLOSED for me but a lot of you cuties can work it right like this girl. Naturally my next step was to enter my comfort zone of goth and go for the black, but it was still not happening for me. However, my mind started to think about the combination of this lingerie and tulle with Doc Martens and thus entered: MAD LOVE. I think we discussed this before. Wearing this, I totally would have lost my v-card to Chris O’ Donnell while listening to Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You.” I would swim across the river to his house and jump right into his teenage arms. He would gently take off my Rodarte for Target lingerie dress strap by strap then make slow, tender love to me. Afterwards he would bring me a glass of Yoo-hoo and “a funny card” with tickets to Letters to Cleo inside. Sigh. I mean that’s what I imagined when I tried on this dress. Do you like my fashion-fanfic/softcore erotica?


The famous sequined ribcage dress! One thing I should mention is that the sequins are only on the front, which is a letdown. I think two years ago I would have been all over this shit but I am not feeling it personally. I will always love anatomy and medical-style everything but not for this one. Also NO CLEAVAGE!? NO THANK YOU!


This is a kimono wrap dress that I LOVED. It reminds me of a 70′s drug lord’s wife and I WANTED IT BAD! But that shit tricked me and did not fit right hence no picture of me wearing it. It was all confusing like origami when I tried it and I was straddling the line between having a panic attack and getting turned on during the whole ordeal. If you gals get this please show me a picture of you invoking Penelope Cruz in Blow, all sexy with big sunglasses and a martini, but sans cocaine cause that shit is DISGUST, yaaawn and for losers FYI. (PSA)


The leopard dress was one of my favorites. KELLY BUNDY ALERT!! GETCHA GETCHA LIPS WET!! It’s lace with three cute bowners up and down the spine. EVERYONE GET THIS! (except me) I can see Desboobs and my own personal Kelly Bundy, Tiffany in it. I can’t wait to see how a lot of people wear this one.


The sequined snow leopard dress! New Year’s cleavage, is that you?? FINALLY!! The waist was baggy on me though and if I got it I would probably have to wear some kind of belt. I had to think about this one though, because I wouldn’t wear it often, and it’s very “now,” meaning I’m sure F21 has something similar. So I decided against it myself but if you are looking for a sexy NYE dress, your rack will look LOVELY in it!


Do I even say anything. No thank you on this white pube shrug…flattened Albino afro…shaved a poodle…sheep herder…Balki Bartokomous..I SAY NO. Ple. Don’t do it. No!!


Aww I loved this baby blue dress. So feminine and pretty. And I rarely wear this color. I had to be strict on myself though! Only one thing (for now…)


I decided on the lace print dress because I know I would wear it a lot and in different ways. It’s pretty AND versatile! Just like ME! WINK


This strapless flower print dress was sooo cute! I didn’t try on the black version of it but I think both will be very popular.

I’m bummed the lace tights weren’t in yet!!! I want those so bad! I almost got the tan shirt that has a lace print and a bow pinned underneath the collar but decided against it. Passed on the bow belts too because they wasn’t anything unique about them that I couldn’t find somewhere else.. All in all, a fun collection and I hope this is a sign the collaborations will be better and better! Let me know what you get!

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Late Night Feelings: An Interview With Nathan Appel


From the dark corners of hotel rooms and the depths of crumpled bedsheets, Chase Lisbon, the man behind and previous Dear Menz guest columnist, has summoned several of his peers in the world of erotic photography to form a collaborative blog called Late Night Feelings (aka Nathan Appel, Bob Coulter, Merkley???, George Pitts, Tony Stamolis, and of course Mr. Lisbon himself, regularly contribute pieces of their work and writing on FLNGS, which serves as a meeting place for this X-rated Knights of The Round Table. Your RSS Reader will undoubtedly be seduced with this roster, which also features special guests such as Katie West and Steve Diet Goedde.

I have the pleasure of interviewing each one of these talented gentlemen and first up is Nathan Appel, whose personal stories add a whole other dimension to his already breathtaking photographs.

Read More (NSFW!)

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Dress Obsessed & Missing The Sun

sailor girl

I’m backed up (SICK) on blog posts (the yooj) so I’m slooowly going to be rolling them out…taking them off my drafts one by one, like a striptease. We can pretend they are going through “post-post-production”. It’s depressing to look at these pictures from a brunch party we had at my friend Leyla’s a few weeks ago because the weather has gone completely to shit since then and I have traded in my dear Polly’s and bare legs for tights, boots and scarves. I guess that isn’t bad style-wise, but you know how I hate “winter.” Unlike all of you with your “I LOVE the raaain!” tweets. I’m so S.A.D.! I got this sailor dress made for my birthday a couple years ago but opted for something else that night because it didn’t have “enough cleavage.” What an A-hole. It does however, make a perfect dress for weekend brunches, bbq’s and flea market days.


What’s also funny about these pictures is I am pretending to like bikes. When I was eight and hopped onto my lavender pegasus bicycle, the seat was loose, spun off and almost impaled my you-know-what. That terrifying memory is etched in my brain and gives me the shivers like a bad one night stand. I also hate how they are so tall. Or maybe I’m just too short. I feel like if I get on one, my face will get all catatonic and I will just fall to the side and stay there. The only thing that can solve this fear is a gold lowrider bicycle from the swapmeet.

ple dew

Back to brunch party, it’s nice, although somewhat of a shock to see friends you might usually only see during nighttime activities. Now you find yourself staring at them in the sun while exposing your freckles and pores to each other. Only brunch with those you feel REALLY comfortable with FYI.

Leyla and some of our spread that we forgot to take pictures of…

leyla by mike



and gents…


and a fanny pack


This post is to be continued because I’m going to go in-depth about how much I love BRUNCH, BRUNCHING, and all thing BRUNCH-related. I know you do too. Have a happy Friday! I love you!

+ Missy E – The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

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Rodarte X Target


On December 20, Baybee Jesus is bringing us the Rodarte for Target line. Are you shaking in your culottes from all the excitement? Lately when I hear about the next designer for Target I don’t get too excited especially since the McQueen and Anna Sui collabs ended up being a bit disappointing ( I ended up with NOTHING from the Anna Sui one btw and never even found a store that carried the one dress I liked. BLEH. ) Anyway, I’m not grossed out enough to do my daily eyerolls, but I have a jaded “BITCH PLE I SHALL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT!” attitude. Unless Dame Betsey Johnson ever does it of course. Then I will high-kick and drop into the chinese splits because I am a whore for her for all eternity. Thy kingdom come!! However, I do find a few of these pieces from the Rodarte X Target line pretty sweet and interesting choices for last minute holiday party frocks. Let’s dissect them together, shall we?

1.The sequined leopard print dress walks the line between being totally vomitronica or perf for the holidays because you can get your Fran Drescher/Peg Bundy/skinny verj of Divine swagger on while you serve your X-mas ham, all while wearing some red Hollywood Blvd hooker heels and a beehive ‘do… or maybe that’s just me and my fantasies. SIGH. I mean beauty is in the eye of the beholder you guys but not everyone has the power of pulling off something like this. Full-body leopard-print (with the exception of a nice leopard-print coat) can make some girls look like a goddamn foolio. Hopefully that’s not you. Also, If it had gigantic shoulder pads it would be even better IMO (sawre! Still into that trend.) 2. The sequined ribcage dress is a great find for the girls who love medical curiosities (Hi Lola!) and I think it would make an excellent New Year’s dress, but take heed because something like that can also conjure up lame comments from drunken douchebags. Trust. The frat boy in me says they will say something with a “bone” pun. 3. I am interested in seeing if the lace cardigan would take me back to 8th grade in a good way. 4. The black tulle dress is always an option for me because this time of year my all black clothing intake increases to about 100%. And I love a gawth ballerina. ‘Tis the season for us hoodrat brujas.


1. I’m always a fan of nude with lace. That has always been one of my favorite recycled trends. 2. Rie-Rie can’t really do mustard but the skirt looks like it could be nice. Ugh this look though, head-to-toe American cheese! I hate American cheese you guys. I lie, I allow Tillamook in my grilled cheese if that’s the only option and you don’t have a nice Gruyere for me. What a queso snob! 3. LUHWEEZE! Perfect outfit for Teen Witch. All I need is a bolero tie for my vision. Imagine Rodarte bolero tie? Shacho mouf… 4. Get that baby blue dress for springtime. The color is nice and that sheer overlay will make your clavicles look pretty.

Love the belts, LOVE the tights. Are those gloves included? Not big on those knee socks though. Looks like hospital bandages from here (not in that kinky way I like) but I could be proven wrong…in person.

THE TRUE TEST OF OUR LIVES UGHHH. That’s the thing I’ve learned m’ladies and m’lads, meeting clothes you’ve swooned over online is exactly like meeting your Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/Vimeo/blog crush. Will they be all gross and boring in person? Or will they be even HOTTER and SEXIER than their last uploaded picture? That’s the risk you take for computer love. What do you think of Rodarte for Target?

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