I forgot to tell you…I was a LISA FRANK STICKER for Halloween! Specifically…HOLLYWOOD BEAR, who is possibly the creepiest of them all.

lisa frank sticker


Nobody understood what the hell I was until I told them…and ONLY if they were a girl who grew up in the 80’s. That is fine by me since I am an asshole who enjoys dressing up as things that only a few select people (The Elite) will understand. JK. ORAMI? Like last year when I was “Bird Flu” and someone thought I was a witch doctor, and the year before when I was Alma from Santa Sangre and fantasized a sexy menz would come up to me dressed like Fenix and we would fall deep in pretentious film snob love. I actually remember that night some guy said “I love your costume!” And I excitedly asked “Do you know who I am?” And he said “No, but it is cool.” GAWTDAMN. Anyway, like I always say about Halloween…why dress in a slutty costume when I dress in slutty costume the other 364 days of the year?! 🙁


I would have loved to be one of the Hip Hop Bears, naturally. But I have been promised by SOMEONE that they will dress up with me and we will go through the Taco Bell drive-thru like that. Just doing normal, everyday thangs as the Hip Hop Bears. I cannot wait for that SOMEONE to make good on their promise to me.

My transformation into “Hollywood Bear” was a process only a few could be brave enough to endure. First, I scanned a sticker and made it into a poster so I could wear it around my neck like a sangwich board. Made a tiny top hat to match and I was good to go! SO MUCH WORK! For my eye makeup I used Urban Decay in “Peace” and wore some fake eyelashes with rhinestones on them. Here is some of my private Photobooth action that night.


double the rie rie

Party time! Kiana as Little Red Riding Hood! I want to use her basket as a purse!

red riding hood

Me with the Sea Queen Emi!




Sea Queen got caught by the deep sea diver

sea queen and deep sea diver

Look at this amazing crown!


And this treasure chest ring w/ Caribbean Under The Sea nails did! No wonder you are my Style Icon forever…

treasure chest ring

Little Robot Girl

tomi robot

Robot meets my tattoo

robot tat

I stole some girl’s props so I could do a “Libra scales pose”


Black Widow..watch out menz, she gonna seduce you and catch you her in web

black widow

Don’t F with us


Olive Oyl!

olive oyl

Costume Winner!

Hope you all had a lovely Halloween! And I hope you don’t mind if I am retrograde blogging this week. It has been a CRAY MONTH OF LIFE. But I love you and am thinking of you 24-8.