bjork closeup

I never thought I’d see Bjork in person aside from being at one of her concerts. They say you should never meet your idols right? I’ve had talks about this before with my Headmistress. What if she’s a bitch? What if she knocks me out like that Thailand reporter? I don’t want to be disenchanted. I mean she IS THE #1 influence of my life followed by Mae West, Charo, Peggy Lee and Oona Goosepimple. What if the experience soured me as a fan resulting in my going home with a bitchface and tears, ripping her poster off my wall like that episode of Growing Pains (2:14) where Ben meets his idol (played by Brad Pitt) and he’s a jerk…

bjork violin

We saw her at Battery Park. Alone, wearing a weird dress and some chanclas wedges that I swear my momma has. Like yooj, I was in La La Land and didn’t notice someone was looking at Reyna and I up and down like a chola about to rumble. However, Eagle Eye Reyna did and saw a familiar Bjork curve of a nose (is this getting creepy.) Once my cohort alerted me to this suspicion, we followed her. Her backside looked like her build (more creepy?)..the weird clothes…I followed as though I was in a hypnotic trance. Reyna was like “What if it’s not her and some Asian lady?” But I could FEEL it. IN MY BONERS. I didn’t want to say ANYTHING I just wanted to know that it was her, in my presence, in New York City, on this trip with my best friend who is also a big fan and looks like her (HATECHU.) Can you say Happenstance? Reyna wanted to go up to her, but I felt like Tom Cruise in Legend..DO NOT TOUCH THE UNICORN. I knew Bjork was not the type to give me a high-five like Charo. Reyna goes “Scuse me..” and Bjork kept walking faster. Again…”Scuse me, are you Bjork?”Β  andΒ  and she shook her head no. But it was her!!! Reyna was bummed she wasn’t very warm, but I was just glad she didn’t karate kick me in the face. I did impulsively whisper “We love you!” like the creepster that I am. HAHA! Oh well. LOVE YOU FOREVER BJORK.

How could I not?

Have any of you ever met your idol? How was the experience? I think the one person I really want to meet is Amy Sedaris.