Can I confess to you my brothers and sisters that I am really into this Marc Jacobs dress burly’ right now? Since it’s made of grey sweatshirt material, I would either wear it on the treadmill, while doing jumping jacks or even during my toe touches.

Photos from hollywoodtuna and dailymail

Don’t be scared bb. I told you I wanted to exaggerate everything even moreso than usual. My hips, my lips, my rubberface. Why can’t you just let me be the walking cartoon I am meant to be??! Shewt. ::flips hair:: Back to the topic at hand, prominent shoulders are obviously IN but can anyone even come close to the #1 super shoulda stunna, Klaus Nomi?


I no TINK so, Ri-Ri. Game over SON.

Back to ME again.. perhaps it was the recent 80’s-themed event (The Shaun’s birthday!) where my “costume” required an intense shoulder-padded blazer that left me with the desire to carry more than just a chip on my shoulder.

Watchow now.
padow how u like dem apples

The new coaster.
pads + beers

Hello there shoulder pad. Care for a slice of my pepperonis?
pizza, pads, pearls and dark eyebrows

What do you guys think of this shoulder trend? TOO MUCH? GOING TOO FAR??! Even though I like it, I have to do this…

In the name of all that is Joan Collins I BIND YOU RI- RI!