When In Rome… You Must Rage

Hallow sexies! I have just returned from a weekend geta-RAGE with my girls in San Francisco! Lots of booze, boos, bowners, boobs…and singing. Lots and lots of singing! From serenading a cab driver The Little Mermaid soundtrack songs (obviously I am obsessed if you’ve seen the Eyeliner tutorial video) to stairwell acappella versions of 90′s R&B jams…BEAUTIFUL! I swear these girls are the SF version of my bffs in SoCal. That’s deep bo. It’s fucking bananas. KISMET I’m tellin’ you. LOVIN U I’m telling you even more.

Star! My wifeyboo and hostess! Absolutely beautiful and brilliant. Always a pleasure.


Me, Star, Kristen and Melinda lounging at the Kink party.

sensual seduction


Care for a splash of JEAN NATE??

Jean Nate

I die for Kristen’s Hilary Banks-inspired outfit. WHY YOU KILL ME BO

Hillary Banks

Mary Van Note and I finally got to meet IN THE FLESH! I love her so much. Classy, sweet, stylish and hilar! (I keep watching this and dying) We even share the same exact middle name…which is really weird. Excuse me while I continue to trip on this shit again and again sober and three days later but I’ve never met another Madeline especially one with it as their same middle name and a variation of the same first name! Are we twins in a parallel dimensh? Sisters from another mister? Or perhaps we were SISTERS together in the NUN-sense in a past life. Sister Act!? Okay I am just going off on a crazy catholick tangent but I know you feel me. If you missed the interview I did with her, please read here!


marie madeline and mary madeline!!

I heart Will!


M&M get rowdy dowdy




fourth attempt

I just got this cute leopard faux fur jacket from Forevs Veintiunos and it was so hot in SF I thought I would not be able to wear it! It matched my Betsey Johnson luggage perfectly.



I love channeling a little Fran Dresch.  A few years ago my New Years resolution was to dress like The Nanny. Shall I try again? Wide headbands? Put these baby bangs on Karate Kid lockdown and put my fo’ on display?? Watchu think?

nanny style
nanny leopard

Speaking of, during a lil Googs, I found this amazing fashion blog about The Nanny. BRILLIANT!

So as I promised, here’s a follow-up to the New Jack Swing mix. Nothing beats some good 90′s R&B slow jams to get the HORN rollin’. And as much as I love me some Pussy Monster, Lil’ Wayne’s enthralling lyrics do not induce the same type of chest-heaving, lip-smacking, rice-cooking arousal as the beginning of Keith Sweat’s “NOBODY!” ::faints::. As you can see I am making you SWEAT from the beginning to the end of this mix. Hope you all like it! Be careful…it may cause boner swells and snail trails.


Download 90′s HORN MIX

Forever Your Tenderoni,


1 Mace Elaine { 09.01.09 at 10:02 pm }

I’m so sad I didn’t get to see you while you were up! Especially since you saw Will WHO I STILL HAVE NOT MET.

2 The Friendinator { 09.01.09 at 11:52 pm }

OMG, ‘rie! Your soundtracks are amazing! I always knew you had the true spirit of a Roni within you, girl, burning, like a raging ball of blissfully soulful, fiery magnetism, burning, scalding, etching its way out to the surface! The magma-ful fire of the Roni melts all within its path…a path leading to a world of ashes and crisp corpses and one remaining, living, worthy sole soulful soul of unsold souls…RONI!

3 C-Mon { 09.02.09 at 6:44 am }

that leopard-skin jacket is smokin…

4 Carsi { 09.02.09 at 8:09 am }

love the leopard look. I’m so glad nick @ nite is showing the Nanny now, there are some kid out there who need to be aware of the awesomeness that is Fran Drescher. Yay for the new mix keep ‘em comin’ :-)

5 Shaun { 09.02.09 at 9:58 am }

Diggin’ the Fran Dresch inspired outfit.

6 WendyB { 09.02.09 at 12:25 pm }

I love the Nanny blog. Am meaning to take pix of my Todd Oldham stuff for her!

7 mary { 09.02.09 at 11:49 pm }

I’m already looking forward to you coming back.

8 Julie Sher { 09.05.09 at 6:24 am }

baby when we’re grindin i get so excited ooooo how i like it I try but i cant fight it . Oh your dancin real close, but real real slow your makin it hard for meeeeee.

hahaha that was my jam!!!

9 Charlotte Drene { 09.08.09 at 11:36 pm }

Let’s be honest here…
How great is your hair!?

Love the facials in the photo titled ‘M&M get rowdy dowdy’.. Gold!

10 andrea { 09.10.09 at 4:21 am }

You’re killin it with the mixes! I already have all but like 2 of these on my computer…haha!

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