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    I Luv U, Rossella Jardini

    I LOVE the Moschino Cheap and Chic collection!! Super girly with all of my favorite ingredients and just enough of a nod to mod. BEHOLD THE BEAUT!!! Thick ribbons instead of laces makes a nice lil’ change for spectator heels. Flower power! Look at those glasses! This colorful mismatched top with the skirt is my …

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    Outfits Style Travel

    Weddin’ Wear

    I recently went to upstate New York for the wedding of some friends of mine. Here’s what I wore! hat from a flea market a few years ago dress – found at a local shop for $25 red leather Pollys- Betsey Johnson China pearls This ring is wild. I got it for two dollhairs They …

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    Lick It Up Baby Lick It Up

    Dress – Solvang, CA $5 make u holla Betsey Johnson red leather Pollys Betsey Johnson sunnies pearl necklace Beijing Silk Market Erin Fetherston for Target heart purse Every time I wear this 80’s dress that I found in the wonderful town of Solvang, CA, I feel like those bitches from Heathers, except this time, sluttier. …

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    Weird and Wonderful

    There Will Be Bluuuud

    Did any of you watch The Girl Who Cries Blood (BLUUUUUD), a documentary on National Geo about a girl who supposedly bleeds from her eyes and other parts of her body without any source of a wound? IS IT HAEMOLACRIA? MUNCHAUSEN? STIGMATA??? Let’s talk about this! First of all her raver name is Twinkle. Secondly, …

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    Cosmic Agent

    Floating in space courtesy of Loulou…. Sea of Love – Iggy Pop I’m gonna be all up in NY next week! If you are going to be at the IFB Dress Up Soiree let me know! Can’t wait to meet and ~RECONNECT~ with some of you sexies! Luvin’ U

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    When In Rome… You Must Rage

    Hallow sexies! I have just returned from a weekend geta-RAGE with my girls in San Francisco! Lots of booze, boos, bowners, boobs…and singing. Lots and lots of singing! From serenading a cab driver The Little Mermaid soundtrack songs (obviously I am obsessed if you’ve seen the Eyeliner tutorial video) to stairwell acappella versions of 90’s …