My new band crush is Marina and The Diamonds, which is actually just this one sexy Welsh woman (she says WE are the diamonds btw.) I have been obsessively watching her video for “I Am Not a Robot” over and over for the past few hours…or maybe not….that’s just cray cray…right? Bitch ple you know you listen to the same song over and over in your car… and cry too…right? Anyone? EYE ROLL. ANYWAYS.


I love all of her makeup looks in the video, especially the jeweled lips and eyes!

Picture 7

Picture 4

Picture 8

Thanks to Marina, I am now I’m in the mood for some dramatic makeup. I haven’t worn any exciting eyeshadow in months… just my usual wingtip eyeliner. What happened to the wild weekday nights of yore when I didn’t think twice about getting dolled up in turquoise glittery eyeshadow, RuPaul-worthy lashes and my red Bozo lips? Am I too shy to sport a loud eye to go with my loud mouth? NO WAY! Did I lose my sense of makeup adventure? NEVER! Am I just one lazy mutha? Yeah, probably. One thing’s for sure,Ā  it’s time to get crazy like the picture below, taken in 2007, when Reyna transformed my eyes into a sequin mask while we watched Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, and during which I fell soundly asleep. It was quite relaxing.

i just woke up

Time to hit the craft store ladies! Get bags of sparklies, take a deep breath and steady that sober hand! Let’s bedazzle our lips and eyes and maybe even the inside of our thighs and say “FUCK IT!!! I WANNA BE DRIPPING IN GEMS AND NO ONE’S GONNA STOP ME!!!!!!”