Oh haaaaay putanas and putanos. Sorry I’m MIA but real life has been winning over the internet for summer of 2009 and I’ve been burned the fuck out for weeks. I HATE SLASH LOVE IT. Anyway let’s talk about how I’m a lucky girl. It’s true. Because I run with the wildest, passionate, “most schmartest”, hilarious, beautifullleeest girls ever. This post is dedicated to my darling Nickkis (there are two).

It was one of my bff Nicki’s birthdays recently!


Nicki and Reyna in a tattooed embrace.


In love


Best white girl booty I know


My other Nikki recently sang backup with Audra Mae at the Ford Ampitheatre. Fun times hanging backstage! Audra Mae is AMAZING! I love her! Listen to “Milk and Honey.” It’s so pretty! And if you listen carefully, you might hear a line sung by one of our favorite ladyboners…HELLO DADDY.


Beautiful and top dollar bang$. Gotta have good bang$ to run with me! (tutorial WILL happen everyone!)


I die for mini maracas in a driving down Hollyhood Blvd car dance party. I need my own set boo! (birthday October 16 thnx)


Look at what Nikki put as her bio in the program. I CAN’T DEAL

best ever

Sigh. Love you two too much. Karaoke soon ple? SUMMER OF RAGE 2009!!!!

love love love

Prince – Darling Nikki