• dress – Fairfax Flea Market
  • baby blue bow – LouLou Loves You
  • glasses – Metropark
  • knee socks – Target
  • cheap chinese mary janes that are the most comfy shoes ever yet fall apart after three wears – local shop

This outfit shot was taken at Kiddyland, a supersized toy store with each floor dedicated to practically every type of toy, cartoon and comic character in history! I found Monchichis in bunny outfits, sexy Hello Kitty bottled water and cute edamame keychains. I HATE how we don’t have anything like this store in the states.

kiddy land

Edamame Keychain
peek a boo!

Lovely necklaces of sweet animals at a store in Shinjuku.


Anna Sui black liquid eyeliner is a gift from heaven!! I picked it up along with some cute ladybug knee socks and a couple of other things.


This calculator at Anna Sui was bananas. Again, do I smell a Craft proj?


Now THIS was insane: Forever 21 opened there in April and STILL to this day has a crazy ass line in front of it. People will wait up to an hour to get in!

crazy line at forever 21

I was never into “bag candy” until I went to Tokyo. Emi’s kept growing and growing with adorable accoutrements!

bag candy

I almost set my own purse on fire at Vivienne Westwood because I left a little tag on it (STU) and tried to break it with a lighter. I swear my life is like and R-rated vers of I Love Lucy.

viv west

The FRUiTS boutique in Shinjuku had really cute stuff. I got this Gundam-inspired ring that comes in a set of plastic sheets with different parts, enabling you to construct rings in a variety of ways! The salesgirl, who was probably the RADDEST salesperson I met (which is saying a lot because practically everyone I encountered was extremely sweet) told us it was by a local shop called Dog. I’ve tried finding more information about the designer but haven’t been able to. Must be one of those elusive Tokyo brands! You could also make a plastic version of my favorite Vivienne Westwood ring!



Gundam ring flying over Shibuya