I ate a lot of interesting things in Tokyo. FYI I’m not a vegetarian, not really a picky eater and above all that I like to be especially adventurous with cuisine while traveling. Even if I may VOM. WARNING: some of these things might make you VOM. Esp if you are a hardcore veggie.

God this beef was SO GOOD


Tonkatsu (pork cutlet with shredded cabbage) See that swoop of mustard? Didn’t know it was going to be so hot and my cheeks started trembling. We agreed it was the most traumatic thing I ate during the whole trip.


Noodles! (think this was Ramen)


Lots of Gyoza


Japanese Curry with Chicken Cutlet

japanese curry with chicken cutlet

Daikon in various ways (some kind of sea moss or something on the top here?)


Jellyfish (looked like grapefruit and was crunchy)


HORSE (taste was fine but the thought of eating My Little Pony was a bit unnerving)


Cow tongue ( I know you can get tacos lengua here in CA but I have this rule: Do not eat anything I can french kiss. I just imagine this tongue in my mouth swishing around and not in the sexy way. But I tried it anyway and after chewing this rubber for a whole minute and still wasn’t able to swallow it. I was fearful I was just going to spit it out, but I conquered! Eyes were a little watery. Thankfully I had a giant MUG of vodka to help it go down.


And lastly, Nato (fermented soybean with a sticky icky texture, mixed with mustard and some sort of sauce. Baby girl could NOT do this one: reminded me of a scene in Problem Child 2. Props to Emi who said it was similar to gorgonzola)


Now treats to cleanse your eyes…

Cupcakes upon our arrival to Tokyo (thanks Nate!) These were so soft and delicious.




Cute donuts that came in a variety of toppings and melted in your mouth!!

yummy donuts


Ice cream to cool us off at Ghibli! I had banana!

see dees ice creams

Daikon again! This time with ice cream (I prefer it this way to the sea moss tower)

daikon with ice cream

Oh GAWD cross between an ice cream /snow cone. I’m in LOVE


ahhh let me taste the beers of your country!

ahhhh beers

My absolute favorite thing I ate in Tokyo. I had the BIGGEST sweet tooth over there btw. Crepes from Angels Heart in Harajuku!

my favorite treat - crepes!

Come to me cheesecake caramel delight!


And now I must go on a diet. Which is hard because you know how I missed me some tacos. Would you eat any of these things? Horse? Jellyfish? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?