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Doorknockers and Fried Chicken

Just a quick picture post to celebrate summer birthday bbqs!


The baddest mutha fuckin’ summer nails that you EVA did see. Watermelon flavor!!




I was having too much fun to do a proper outfit post but lemme give you some deets on what I wore. I was trying to do a Pabst theme and really wanted to get one of these aprons from SEAMPOETS, but forgot to order when I was in Tokyo! The dress is from a vintage shop in LA, the BEST gold-framed glasses from Fred Flare (so bummed they are all sold out now), doorknockers from Fabuless, red bow from when I was a kid and a red and white-striped bow over it that I got in Harajuku. You can’t see my shoes but they are wedge heels with a red and white-striped platform heel. I tripped over an uneven part in the sidewalk and now have a huge bruise on my knee. Aiiii




I am in such a dance fever mode lately. Still not sick of dancing to MJ!!




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Adventures in Shinjuku Shopping


  • dress – Fairfax Flea Market
  • baby blue bow – LouLou Loves You
  • glasses – Metropark
  • knee socks – Target
  • cheap chinese mary janes that are the most comfy shoes ever yet fall apart after three wears – local shop

This outfit shot was taken at Kiddyland, a supersized toy store with each floor dedicated to practically every type of toy, cartoon and comic character in history! I found Monchichis in bunny outfits, sexy Hello Kitty bottled water and cute edamame keychains. I HATE how we don’t have anything like this store in the states.

kiddy land

Edamame Keychain
peek a boo!

Lovely necklaces of sweet animals at a store in Shinjuku.


Anna Sui black liquid eyeliner is a gift from heaven!! I picked it up along with some cute ladybug knee socks and a couple of other things.


This calculator at Anna Sui was bananas. Again, do I smell a Craft proj?


Now THIS was insane: Forever 21 opened there in April and STILL to this day has a crazy ass line in front of it. People will wait up to an hour to get in!

crazy line at forever 21

I was never into “bag candy” until I went to Tokyo. Emi’s kept growing and growing with adorable accoutrements!

bag candy

I almost set my own purse on fire at Vivienne Westwood because I left a little tag on it (STU) and tried to break it with a lighter. I swear my life is like and R-rated vers of I Love Lucy.

viv west

The FRUiTS boutique in Shinjuku had really cute stuff. I got this Gundam-inspired ring that comes in a set of plastic sheets with different parts, enabling you to construct rings in a variety of ways! The salesgirl, who was probably the RADDEST salesperson I met (which is saying a lot because practically everyone I encountered was extremely sweet) told us it was by a local shop called Dog. I’ve tried finding more information about the designer but haven’t been able to. Must be one of those elusive Tokyo brands! You could also make a plastic version of my favorite Vivienne Westwood ring!



Gundam ring flying over Shibuya




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Harajuku Agent Lover


Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

Harajuku Remix

  • dress – local shop
  • Steve Madden wedges ( I left these in Tokyo as they have run their course! Any recs for a new comfy summer wedge?)
  • heart sunnies – Ebay
  • purse – Betsey Johnson
  • mansion doorknockers – Fabuless! Thank you Tiff for telling me about this! Won’t have to go to SanSARS Alley for cheap doorknockies ever again!

in harajuku

Harajuku was a DREAM for me, especially fashion-wise. Bows, ruffles, and heart-shaped purses. My favorite accessory, knee-socks, are so commonplace you can buy them practically anywhere: on the street or in the subway station. Sadly, I never saw any sock garters in any of the stores to add to my collection. In Shibuya, I saw tons of girls wearing stretchy clasp belts with skirts and dresses, as seen in a few photos here. There were countless outfits composed of black leggings under dresses and especially denim skirts. Plenty of girls wear socks with heels. Shops that specialized solely in socks and tights can be found anywhere, selling every kind of sock you could imagine wearable with every type of shoe. The people of Tokyo rock that shit fo’ sho’. I just think Japanese people can get away with a lot more when it comes to fashion. JEALOUZ! Everyone had a style that came across as completely effortless and natural, yet incredibly chic. I’ve never been surrounded by that much personal style in my gawtdamn life. And not a flip-flop or Ugg Boot in sight. THANK THE LO’. That was the real culture shock!

Toof purse found in Harajuku!!


With a nice surprise tucked in!

tongue out

Nate and Emi standing in front of a storefront with dangling dolls.

Nathan and Emi

The McDonald’s campaign going on over there right now is pretty hilarious and cute.

Beef is Beautiful

Beetle versus Bunny! The gold beetle ring is a Cloven Hoof design and the black bunny was found among a bunch of other cute animal rings at a shop in Harajuku!

beetle vs bunny


I love crepes


crepe poster

panda crepe

So bummed I never got a yukata to bring home. Next time! BTW, this is what the Claire’s Accessories employees wear in Harajuku. Yes,  I said Claire’s. Harajuku’s Claire’s beats all the ones we have in the States as you can imagine.

pink yukata

Frilly dresses in shop windows

frilly dresses

Gold Kewpie!

gold kewpie

More shopping adventure posts to come!

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The Holy Grail of Fake Nails

Emi spotted this umbrella and called me over to peep it while we were shopping in Shinjuku. JAWDROP. Is that an umbrelly made with glamorous acrylic nails????? Simply amazing beyond words. Craft proj, anyone?


AAHH I love it!!!


That’s the one thing we didn’t get to do in Tokyo: get our nails did. We looked into it though, and found a salon that was open ’til 4am. UM YES 4AM I SAYS. That means that shit is still open after bars close in L.A. What kind of dreamland is this Tokyo??? We were planning on going (late after karaoke!) but time and liquor flew and it was pretty pricey anyway. We estimated it would probably cost about $200 to get a sick set of nails done at the venue.$200 for something that lasts only a week or two? HALE 2 THA NO. But then our friend informed us they use special materials and these ferosh Tokyo nails would last a month or longer. REALLY? Kinda crazy.

nails tokyo
Photo via La Carmina

Tokyo is the land of nail decor. You can find a smorgasbord of crazy nail decals and accessories anywhere you go. Naturally we stocked up, so you’ll be seeing what types of goodies we acquired in future blog posts!

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What We Ate in Tokyo

I ate a lot of interesting things in Tokyo. FYI I’m not a vegetarian, not really a picky eater and above all that I like to be especially adventurous with cuisine while traveling. Even if I may VOM. WARNING: some of these things might make you VOM. Esp if you are a hardcore veggie.

God this beef was SO GOOD


Tonkatsu (pork cutlet with shredded cabbage) See that swoop of mustard? Didn’t know it was going to be so hot and my cheeks started trembling. We agreed it was the most traumatic thing I ate during the whole trip.


Noodles! (think this was Ramen)


Lots of Gyoza


Japanese Curry with Chicken Cutlet

japanese curry with chicken cutlet

Daikon in various ways (some kind of sea moss or something on the top here?)


Jellyfish (looked like grapefruit and was crunchy)


HORSE (taste was fine but the thought of eating My Little Pony was a bit unnerving)


Cow tongue ( I know you can get tacos lengua here in CA but I have this rule: Do not eat anything I can french kiss. I just imagine this tongue in my mouth swishing around and not in the sexy way. But I tried it anyway and after chewing this rubber for a whole minute and still wasn’t able to swallow it. I was fearful I was just going to spit it out, but I conquered! Eyes were a little watery. Thankfully I had a giant MUG of vodka to help it go down.


And lastly, Nato (fermented soybean with a sticky icky texture, mixed with mustard and some sort of sauce. Baby girl could NOT do this one: reminded me of a scene in Problem Child 2. Props to Emi who said it was similar to gorgonzola)


Now treats to cleanse your eyes…

Cupcakes upon our arrival to Tokyo (thanks Nate!) These were so soft and delicious.




Cute donuts that came in a variety of toppings and melted in your mouth!!

yummy donuts


Ice cream to cool us off at Ghibli! I had banana!

see dees ice creams

Daikon again! This time with ice cream (I prefer it this way to the sea moss tower)

daikon with ice cream

Oh GAWD cross between an ice cream /snow cone. I’m in LOVE


ahhh let me taste the beers of your country!

ahhhh beers

My absolute favorite thing I ate in Tokyo. I had the BIGGEST sweet tooth over there btw. Crepes from Angels Heart in Harajuku!

my favorite treat - crepes!

Come to me cheesecake caramel delight!


And now I must go on a diet. Which is hard because you know how I missed me some tacos. Would you eat any of these things? Horse? Jellyfish? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

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Hoodrats Go To Tokyo!

I originally thought I would be live-blogging during my trip to Japan, but I was hardly in my hotel room and having way too much fun to even comprehend that I was indeed, in fucking TOKYO. The trip was planned in a major whirlwind: my friend Nate was going for work, flights were cheap around this time of year, so why the hell not? A flirty notion during a birthday dinner turned into a confirmed flight (um, only $474 round trip??) and das right SON, dis hoodrat and her putana-in-crime, Nate’s gf/my bff Emine’ (who does Cloven Hoof jewelry) , aka the Nisi to my Mickey (You can be Halle Berry because you are blonde Emi. THIS TIME) was about to put on some jet-setting chanclas and journey to the Land of the Rising Sun…

view from our hotel

(crazy view from our room!)

It was all a dream, we used to read FRUiTS Magazine…and now we were there. In TOKYO?! SAY WUT? Where Hello Kitty and sushi and karaoke and everything kawaii was born?? We stayed in Shibuya (SHI-BOO-YA!) Unfortunately I didn’t have time to create a customized gold foil headpiece spelling out “Shhh..BOO-YA!” to pay tribute to this (0:33 thank you)… but there’s always tomorrow.

Here I am on the streets of Shibuya wearing a special Burrart airbrushed shirt of ME. Since I have red hair right now, it wasn’t too much of an asshole move because you couldn’t recognize it was me immediately..or does that make it EVEN MORE OF ONE? Anyway, I love the shirt so much. Pictures do NOT do it justice (not just saying that because it ME again I SWEAR) Have you gotten anything done yet by Diane btw?? If you do PLEASE send me a pic! I’d love to see what magic she makes for you!

1st Tokyo Remix

  • glasses – Metropark
  • one mansion-sized gold doorknocker earring (the other one was hurtin’!)
  • customized airbrushed shirt – Burrart Design
  • skirt – American Apparel
  • denim jacket – Converse
  • bag- Betsey Johnson
  • black moccasin booties – $5 at a local shop!

One of the places we visited was the Ghibli Museum (My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away) Sadly pictures were not allowed inside but I did snap a pic next to this giant robot!

Laputa Robot

When we were leaving, we noticed a large map of Inokashira Park where Ghibli was located… ARE THOSE SWAN BOATS I SPY??!!


The wheels in my head started turning as I thought: finally… I can recreate one of my favorite pictures of Bjork laying upon a pink swan…BEAUT!!

pink swan

We walked up to the dock, paid 700 yen and were greeted by two menz.. then when I realized we had to pedal?!?  the swan boats… ourselves?!? the look on my face was apparently priceless, according to Emi. SCOOS ME for thinking this was going to be a romantic gondola type of situation!! (Guess I didn’t look at that map quite clearly.) Slapstick naturally ensued after a big cartoon-voiced “GULP” and beads of sweat formed on my brow. “We can’t swim! What if we fall out!” My Secret Vanilla Chai deodorant was hard at work due to thinking we were going to be swallowed alive by giant koi fish and after pedaling in two large circles we made our way back to civilization.

AHH! THE SLAPSTICK LIFE!! Well. It was beautiful!

water scene

Koi Fish




Stay tuned for lots more about my Tokyo trip!

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Tokyo Sneak Peek?

Just to show you how fucking CUTE that place is and why I truly believe they built that city for girls like me (and you)?


lighter spread

Not pictured: corn lighter, DEATH & Golden Bat cigarettes. Can’t deal. Refuse to.

Also Sidebar: some Zapp N Roger to fall asleep to. BEAUT

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Pee-Wee Party

Pee Wee's Playhouse

My bff Nikki had a Pee-Wee’s Playhouse/Big Adventure-themed birthday party this past weekend. A WONDERFUL finale to my incredible vacation. BTW I cannot for the life of me get back into the swing of thangs. I have thirty thousand emails to reply to, pictures to post, packages to send, blogs to write, legs to shave (JK) and bags to unpack still so PLE FORGIVE!!! My brain/stomach/heart is still on Tokyo time. In the meantime, please enjoy these ridiculous photos of a truly righteous weekend. I LOVE YOU NIKKI P SO MUCH!!!!!!

Lots of Pee Wees!


I was Penny! But those eyes just looked like BOOBS


Speaking of BOOBS, hello presentos from Tokyo! Anyone want some tasty juggs puddin’?


What’s this? Another presento…Real Friends Bring Back Hello Kitty Vibrators From Tokyo.


Birthday Mikks (on the left in red bicycle spex)


Chairy, Floory, Conky and Chairy! Such awesome costumes!




Tender Micks N’ Mikks







Then waking up to the sound of the ocean and Morning After Grilled Cheese (MAGC)?? GLORIOUS! Esp when made by the Queen of Grilled Cheese: Ms Nicki H


UM. Have you seen this Pee Wee Xmas special with special guest my idol CHARO?? I don’t care if it’s July this is sure to get you in the Xmas spirit boo!! LOVE U CHARO


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Mad Crushin’ on Airbrush Artist Diane Burrier


From Looney Tunes t-shirts at the fair to a portrait of the Virgin Mary on the hood of a lowrider, the wonderful world of airbrushed art has always been one of my favorite things ever. Sadly, long gone are the days when you could get your man’s name easily airbrushed on a pillowcase at the Glendale Galleria. I was about to give up hope in finding my own magical airbrushing wizard until I stumbled across Diane Burrier’s website. Once I saw the portrait she did of Lady Gaga, I knew she was The One! Needless to say, I placed an order immediately! She was also nice enough to answer some questions about her work.

+ How did you get your start in airbrushing?

In 1983 I was doing caricatures and portraits while people posed. I saw someone airbrushing at a show and decided to give it a try. It was difficult at first, but I made a go of it.

+ What is the most fun part of your work?

Painting in public for tourists, shoppers and onlookers. Unfortunately this rarely occurs anymore since I now work in graphic design during the week and airbrush in my basement on weekends as a mail order business from my website.


+  What is the most challenging?

Finding time to update the web site since so much weekend time is spent airbrushing.

+ What are your thoughts on being a female artist in a male-dominated scene?

I worked in Virginia Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Daytona Beach. Those places had lots of airbrushers, all male. Although some had large egos, I’m fairly certain I earned respect from of all of them as an artist. I’ve lost touch with most of them, but occasionally get e-mails or calls from long-lost airbrush friends. I’ve known some of the original masters of airbrushing and a few who’ve passed away. I’ve met a few newer and younger artists too. The biggest problem is actually with public perception. I once wrote an article for Airbrush Action Magazine called “Where’s The Airbrush Guy?” It was a long time ago, but this commentary still stands true. If I don’t have that brush in my hand painting, the nearest male standing around is who people assume the artist to be. I’m a “one-hander” which could be a woman thing since I’ve never seen anyone else paint that way. I don’t try to talk people into ordering a shirt like the guys do. I try to let my work do the talking.  I’m the same way in my cyber airbrush business. I always try not to discredit anyone else’s work to a customer, even if I personally think their work sucks. Art is always in the eye of the beholder, who am I to say?


+ What was the weirdest thing you have been asked to airbrush?

There have been many so weird things. I guess I have to say the one bike week I worked in Daytona Beach in the 80’s. I’m a lady and won’t describe, but it was embarrassing. I’ll never paint those things again and won’t own up to them if any still exist.

+ Favorite airbrushing you have done?

Live airbrush portraits and I still love doing those loose quick beach scenes.


+ Who are some artists that you admire?

Classical artists of the Renaissance and French Impressionists. I love Maxfield Parrish’s work. The man was a genius on so many levels.

+ The celebrity signed shirts from your collection are quite impressive! Andy Warhol to Madonna! What are some of the stories behind those?

The first signed shirt I got was at a Cars concert in Norfolk, VA. I wore a giant portrait of Rik Ocasek, he saw it from the stage and sent someone to bring my friend and I backstage. I was surprised and nervous but he was very nice and the next time they played there, I made another shirt with the whole band and they all signed it.

My most cherished celebrity moment was meeting Andy Warhol in his NYC studio. I made him a gift shirt with his portrait and he loved it. I wore a shirt with a portrait of him on front and another on the back. He was fluffing and straightening it, turning me around and asked why I didn’t paint one on the back of his gift shirt. He signed mine and invited my friends and I back, but I wasn’t in NYC again before he died 2 years later.


I was airbrushing in Virginia Beach making good money so I rarely took off to go to a concert. I knew concert producers and they would place the shirts in the stars’ dressing rooms and ask them to sign one for me. I heard Madonna put hers on during a sound check but no one had a camera. We thought Rod Stewart or someone on his staff took both his shirts and kept them, but the next day his signed shirt came Fed Ex from Chicago.

Two guys from Warrant came into a mall where I was airbrushing in Hampton VA across from a venue where they were opening for Motley Crue. They wanted 2 leather jackets airbrushed and told me I could come backstage for the concert but I had to be there within 2 hours. I knew I couldn’t paint their album covers on those jackets that fast.  At least I got a photo of the one guitarist (oops forgot his name but love the photo) posing in it when he picked them up.

I met Robert Plant on a Honeydrippers tour. He signed a shirt at the concert and we were invited to a party with them afterward. I was completely star struck and he was sooo gorgeous in person. I could barely get any words out of my mouth. My girlfriend kicked me and told me to thank him for signing my shirt. The rest of the party I chatted with a band member from Spain and felt more comfortable.

I don’t have time to make celebrity gift shirts anymore, or even any shirts for myself these days.

+ Do you dabble in any other forms of art besides airbrushing?

Before airbrush it was pencil, pastel, charcoal, Sharpies and oils. Now it’s digital. I love the program Corel Painter. You can “paint” with a Wacom stylus pen like you’re actually using real media instead of pulling Bezier curves in Illustrator or tricking out in Photoshop. It’s the closest thing to real painting without the mess. I’m a graphics and multimedia software junkie. I work in dozens of programs and can hard code web sites. Digital or tangible, they’re all just tools for the art I do.

I have been a graphic, web and multimedia designer for the U.S. Army full time since 2000. That’s when airbrushing became part time. I was married with a young child and traveling around airbrushing long hours was a lifestyle that no longer fit. Although I had a bachelor’s degree in art, it was outdated without computer skills. I went to school at night while still airbrushing full time until I picked up what I needed to start a new career. I recently went to graduate school for Interactive Media Design. I’ve done some high profile design work for the Army. I don’t get personal credit for this kind of work and anything released is public domain. I’ve done exhibits, murals, posters, books, presentations, animations, official seals and web sites. I’ve gained tremendous appreciation for our military and feel privileged to do this work for them. But when I get home, there are always people waiting for their airbrush shirts to be painted and sent.

diane with edward cullen


Would you like to be immortalized in airbrush like yours truly? Perhaps you might even want to get an “In Memory of Michael Jackson” jacket or a pillowcase of Mariah Carey to add to your collection? Email Diane at and see more of her work at Burrart Design!

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