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    Harajuku Agent Lover

    Takeshita Street in Harajuku. dress – local shop Steve Madden wedges ( I left these in Tokyo as they have run their course! Any recs for a new comfy summer wedge?) heart sunnies – Ebay purse – Betsey Johnson mansion doorknockers – Fabuless! Thank you Tiff for telling me about this! Won’t have to go …

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    What We Ate in Tokyo

    I ate a lot of interesting things in Tokyo. FYI I’m not a vegetarian, not really a picky eater and above all that I like to be especially adventurous with cuisine while traveling. Even if I may VOM. WARNING: some of these things might make you VOM. Esp if you are a hardcore veggie. God …

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    Hoodrats Go To Tokyo!

    I originally thought I would be live-blogging during my trip to Japan, but I was hardly in my hotel room and having way too much fun to even comprehend that I was indeed, in fucking TOKYO. The trip was planned in a major whirlwind: my friend Nate was going for work, flights were cheap around …

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    Pee-Wee Party

    My bff Nikki had a Pee-Wee’s Playhouse/Big Adventure-themed birthday party this past weekend. A WONDERFUL finale to my incredible vacation. BTW I cannot for the life of me get back into the swing of thangs. I have thirty thousand emails to reply to, pictures to post, packages to send, blogs to write, legs to shave …