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    Freestyle Summer 2009

    Here in So Cal we are experiencing an intense case of June Gloom (GROSS!) but hopefully upon download of this Freestyle mix I have made, we will be able to banish these grey skies to kingdom come with our collective of blasting boomboxes. Freestyle music reminds me of a 1987 summer, and the scent of …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    Happy Birthday Toots!

    It was my beautiful best friend Reyna’s birthday this weekend! I made her this cupcake hat. Careful not to burn the weave gurl. And cupcakes (these ones edible) with her favorite crushes…Carlos D & Michael Cera. In the back is RICHIE and Selenas. d LOL betches always need props Thanks Gala for posting about …

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    Red Red Whine

    I forgot to post these pics taken a couple weekends ago when Kimowra and I went to Santee Alley aka SanSARS Alley in downtown LA because everybody gets sick after they go there…including ME! UGH! And I even wore a mask! MAWR! I think it’s time we ask ourselves: Are $1 doorknockers really worth having …

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    Beauty Giveaways

    Nails on Film Quiz

    HAYYY! Can you guess what movies the glamorous nails below are from? Whomever gets the most answers correct will win my favorite nail polish, one Strap Perfect (LOL but seriously why did I need like thirty of them? Don’t I need just one? It’s like trick or treat up in here– giving ’em out like …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    Photoshop Lessons

    Here I am!! I’ve been sick with a cold that I probably caught from a pair of doorknocker earrings. When I’m sick all I want to do is watch Real Housewives and not think about doing anything except sleeping and eating. Like a cat.  Anyway, I’m back with a quickie showcasing my latest Photoshop lesson. …