See, don’t we look like an ICEE?

gaw i lub deez ones

Cotton Candy Ice Creams

BFF Karaoke + Morning After Saved by the Bell + Cotton Candy Ice Creams =  best Bon Voyage Party before I go to fucking TOKYO!!!!!

YA READ DAT RIGHT SON!! I know mang, it’s bananas and pretty much a whirlwind wanderlust dosage and I’m still tripping that I’ll be in Hello Kitty’s homeland in about 2.2. Expect liveblogging from inside of a gawtdamn cartoon world ’cause that’s how I imagine it will be. At least the way I plan on doing it. I CAN’T DEAL. I barely have had any time for my brain to register the fact that I’m actually going, and unfortunately I have to postpone putting up the cake hats up for purchase. 🙁 I’m sorry boos!

Hopefully A.C. “Absolutely Charming” Slater can make up for it??

Security, Punk!

Jesus playing the guitar??

tickle tickle

Sorry if I killed any boners looking like the Filipino female Jack Black in that disguise.

Have any of you sexykins been to Tokyo? PLE DEW let me know if there is something specific I should see! (Donchu know Puroland is already at the top of that list MOMMA!)