Why is everything on the internet blue? Is there some sort of design handbook that states all websites of a certain nature must be a specific shade or variation of “Social Networking Site Blue” (SNSB)? Why not pink? Red? Green, even? Is it because blue is supposed to be “calming” and the internet makes us paranoid? the These mind-penetrating thoughts triggered an urge to ask myself…


(Dress from Fredflare)

Facebook is prim and proper at first glance, then when you get in (especially the first couple of times) it’s crazy and confusing and everything is put on blast. You eventually learn to ignore the 10 million “requests” but for a while you don’t know where to look because there’s just too much going on under there, like a pair of cheesy neon skulls Hot Topic panties. GAH!


Flickr uses SNSB but shakes things up with a ‘lil spot of pink. She is full of surprises and teaches you things about the world (and that there are fetishes for everything) by showing you who favorites your pics. Purple dishwashing glove fetish, anyone?


Myspace was the first real taste of SNSB since no one can remember what Friendster looked like. In the beginning everyone was welcomed with open arms. Then everything got flashy and loud like E! Wild on Ibiza. Visiting people’s profile pages was like entering a club (mute when lurking while you be werkin’.) Still, nothing beats a good ol’ Myspace GIF comment. Facebook gots nothing on that. Put on your LED scrolling belt and bud leaf necklace, take a shot of Patrón and walk on in…


WATCH OUT TWITTER. Twitter is the most popular girl in class right now. The whole world revolves around 140. Twitter even looks different on the SNSB front because of her sexy turquoise swagger, but at the same time keeps it cute with a lil’ bird mascot. She even moves fast…. I know who I want to take to prom.

blue dot

Or..wait..does SNSB have something to do with the National Enquirer Lucky Blue Dot??? You were supposed to cut this out of the issue (prob Liz Taylor or Michael Landon on the cover) and rub it for good luck. When I was a kid I actually cut one of these out and put it in my plastic My Melody wallet.

Good ol’ SNSB…you are a TRUE MYSTERY.