I forgot to post these pics taken a couple weekends ago when Kimowra and I went to Santee Alley aka SanSARS Alley in downtown LA because everybody gets sick after they go there…including ME! UGH! And I even wore a mask! MAWR!

I think it’s time we ask ourselves: Are $1 doorknockers really worth having to take a trip to SanSARS? On the real, I blame my Vampirian, not-sleeping way of life for wearing myself out.  But on second thought, these $5 red-framed nerd glasses I purchased there might have been worth my nasally The Nanny voice. I love them! They remind me of Becca from Life Goes On. My godsister actually got Becca’s glasses when we were kids and I was secretly jealous since that was before my vision turned to shit.

If you want to get all ‘Kellie Martin status’ like me, you’re in luck! You can get them from Fred Flare, without having to Wacko Jacko it up in SanSARS!

Outfit deetz:

  • Red glasses – Santee Alley
  • Dress – Forever 21
  • Nude Fishnets – Beverly Hills Hosiery
  • My favorite beat up gold bootz!
  • Gold stax
  • assorted rings – Fairfax Flea, Charlotte Russe, Santee Alley

Remember that Lifetime Original Movie where Kellie Martin played that evil nerd who killed popular cheerleader Tori Spelling and wore her letterman’s jacket!! What a crazy bitch! I Googled it and found myself already talking about it last year. Sheesh. Just added it to my Amazon Wish List. Obviously SOMEBODY wants to relive those Lifetime memories. Best DVD cover ever. I am going to recreate this ASAP!! Who wants to be smug Tori Spelling?? Let me know!