Last weekend I went to the Annual Bug Fair at the L.A. Natural History Museum! The last time I attended the fair was in 2006 where I even ate crickets and columbian ants insect chef prepared by an insect chef . SICK! They were not delicious btw. I heard they even had tarantula tempura this year. M’Lord! VOMITOUS VON VOMITZ.

You can find a lot of great insect-themed gifts from an assortment of vendors, including live bugs to take home!

There was a time in my life I would never have done this but I’m a different woman now. Too bad I couldn’t put it on my head like my hat.

Polar Bear outfit pose!

  • Tracy Feith for Target Dress
  • Libra doorknockers from Fred Flare *thank you Kimowra*
  • Steve Madden wedges – IM SICKA THESE SHOES
  • modified bow clip
  • gold stax
  • heart sunnies
  • Libra necklace gift from Leyla

Close up of my Libra-riqua status: