Recently I had to notify my fellow Twilight nerd girlfriends to let them know Rob Pat ~EDWARD~ is no longer my number one, and Jackson Rathboner ~JASPER~ is now my new favorite fanged flame. This comes to no surprise because I like to keep my fictional crush options open. Like when I moved from Jordan to Joey, Vinnie to Doogie (WHAT) Cory to Shawn (actually that was the other way around) and finally, Seth to Ryan.

He so fine bo. He reminds me of the surfer boys I had crushes on in junior high. And also Julian Casablancas for some reason!? Anyway, he making my ladyboner atten-hut!

Also related, I came across these gold fangz grillz when I was Googlin’ for my stu Grillz Cheese photoshop joke. Da hale? I love ’em.

And I finally ordered my Edward Munster shirt.

I loooove reading how the WTForks Girls indulge in Twilight mania. Now I can regret ever feeling embarrassed by this:

Edward Cullen Mafia

or this


true love

And yes, I will have some ~JASPER~ masks and Gchat Twilight roleplay in time for the sequel.