Like you, I too am obsessed with lip chap. I blame my momma, who would always let me get TWO Flavor Saver Lip Balms whenever she placed an order from the Avon lady when I was a a kid. (Side note: I was also teased for having big MONKEY LIPS back then so now I am like FU HA! ’cause those same bitches probably have to get ’em injected.) Anyway, when I went to California Adventure last week, I saw this chola bust out with a GIGANTIC lip balm…I have seen these monstrosities before but have never gotten one myself which is ridiculous since it combines my deep love of lip balm with my deep love of GIANT THINGS. That is a LOL in itself. I can’t wait til I’m at a stoplight with my stunna shades on, roll down the window, bust out my GIANT LIP BALM and go to town. IMAGINE? I will bust this out any time, any place. Before making out. “One mome, plz.” Then I proceed to saturate my face with a giant lip balm. (This cotton candy one sounds delish.)

Speaking of GIANT things, here is a video I never posted on here of me writing in a Lisa Frank diary with Star’s giant pencil. (Aw, I miss you and your giant pencil boo!)

Back to the lip balm, the past couple of years my addiction has decreased. I can go to sleep without putting some on but before that was a problem! M’lord! But for those of you who still have a strong addiction, I have found this. Good Luck!