Scrubs Dress


  • vintage dress- fairfax flea
  • strawberry belt
  • soho lab shoes
  • Doublespeak slip
  • red socks

When I found this dress at the flea market I knew I had to have it because it reminded me of nurse scrubs. Perhaps it is some sort of uniform? Since I love pairing blue and turquoise with red accents, I wore it with my strawberry belt and red knee socks…but forgot to wear sock garters so by lunch they were giving up on me and rolling with the homies. AHHHH!! I had knee sock anxiety and little beads of sweat were forming on my forehead. It reminded me of sixth grade when I wore nude pantyhose socks with my slip-on Keds and flower print pedal pushers and they kept rolling down grannystiltskin style. How EMBARRASSING. Poor Rie Rie. By the way I still have not find any white sock garters yet. Are they just a figment of imagination? A dream that might never come true?

My friend Mike always sends me awesome vintage pictures he finds online.

Can you guess who is my new style icon in this picture?

Yes, the second girl from the left. BITCH PLZ DONCHU KNOW IT. I am feeling a lil’ El Topo – Wednesday Addams thang going on wit dat shit… I’m working on that outfit STAT!