The other night I was hanging out with my sexy besties, Nicki and Reyna, getting my hair did’, and Nicki was on my laptop on ye old myspash leaving me a comment so I told her what I always tell people to do for years and years and years “PLZ make a top ten list of why you loves me,” surely in jest…. Nobody ever does it but Nicki did! And thus started this week’s Fortune Cookie.

Make a top ten list of why you love your friend/s and post it on their Facebook / Myspace / or give them a handwritten letter (HOW VINTAGE AND OLD SKOO) on your old Hello Kitty stationery that you haven’t used in years. DO IT. Then ask them to do the same for you. It will brighten up your day. Even if they write crazy things like “you cleaned my parents bbq in wedge flip flops” to “you listen to my crazy antics and don’t judge me.” This is the kinda stuff that reminds you that you got something good even when other things going on might be shit.

All you need is friends bo! Love, LOLs and down-for-you, bad-ass homies!

AWWWW we love each other