"is this a costume party?"


  • red beret – Target
  • blue dress – Ross, but the heart-shaped buttons (my favorite) were added
  • anchor brooch
  • mens sock garters with red socks
  • soho lab shoes

put the pedal to the metal bitchez

What look am I going for here? French schoolgirl going down the yellow brick road? And a red kneesock nod to Requiem for a Vampire.  I’ve had this dress, which I got for fifteen bucks at Ross and added heart buttons to, for awhile, but hadn’t worn it because it was supposed to be for a photoshoot, so I decided to debut it for my friend Emi’s party. MOMMA LIKE. But does anyone know where I can find white menz sock garters? I obviously needed them above instead of those black ones. I did order some red ones from Sock Dreams though so those will do in the meantime!

Agent Lover/ Agent Boner

Agent Lover / Agent Boner

Hello it is time for your rectal exam. WHAT

Truly one of the best pieces of art I have ever seen:

shaun wayne